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What's Yours Is Mine was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek and a traveler are attacked and looted by thieves. Bayek needs to catch up with them before the stolen items are gone for good.


While travelling in Giza, Bayek found an unconscious man in the mastaba complex next to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  • Bayek: What fool would set up camp out here? I should have a look.
    Greek garb...

Someone used a club and knocked Bayek unconscious. Sometime later, the Greek man regained consciousness and found Bayek lying on the ground.

  • Corteseos: Wake up! Wake up! Oh, what luck! You're all right! Here, stand up!

The man helped Bayek up.

ACO - What's Yours Is Mine 02

Corteseos helping Bayek up

  • Corteseos: Damn, I thought you were lying on it.
  • Bayek: Lying on what? What happened?
  • Corteseos: My notes. I'm a geographer – Corteseos. Nice to meet you. Looks like we were attacked.
    They emptied my pockets. Took my notes, too! You might want to check your pouch.

Bayek checked his pouch, which had also been emptied.

  • Corteseos: You too... I should have known better than to travel the desert on my own. I am going to find those thieves! They ought to pray to all their gods that my notes are undamaged!
  • Bayek: We're lucky enough to be alive. What do you remember?
  • Corteseos: Remember? I was clubbed in the head! I only recall the sound of a horse galloping away.
  • Bayek: There might be tracks. Stay here.
  • Corteseos: Tracks? You cannot be serious.

Before Bayek went on his way, he approached the geographer.

  • Corteseos: Those notes are my life's work! Years and years of work. I am lost without them.
    I was mapping this pyramid one moment, and the next I'm spitting up sand.
    If you are thinking of chasing these thieves down, just, be careful! If something happened to you, I could not forgive myself.

Bayek discovered horse tracks on the sand.

  • Bayek: These tracks are fresh and lead southward. If I am lucky, they have not yet disappeared beneath the sand.

Bayek followed the tracks to the ruins surrounding the Pyramid of Menkaure.

  • Bayek: The thieves fled towards those ruins.

Bayek entered the ruins and discovered a child.

  • Bayek: What's a child doing out here? It's dangerous.
  • Ngozi: I'm just finding things for Anta! What are you doing here?
  • Bayek: I'm a Medjay – looking for some thieves who came this way. Did you see anyone?
  • Ngozi: Oh! No. No one!
  • Bayek: Are you here alone?
  • Ngozi: No, ermh...I mean yes, alone.

The boy fled out of the ruins.

  • Bayek: That boy is hiding something.

Bayek investigated the ruins. He found a small entrance at the side, not big enough for him to pass through.

  • Bayek: Someone has dug their way through here. Too small for me. There must be another way around.

Bayek travelled to the other side of the ruins and discovered a hidden entrance, blocked by a pile of bricks. He removed the bricks and slid under the entrance and discovered a little girl inside.

ACO What's Yours is Mine - Bayek and Neema

Bayek speaking to the little girl

  • Neema: (gasps)
  • Bayek: It is odd for a child to be playing here, no?
  • Neema: Oh! Wha-what do you mean?
  • Bayek: I'm looking for some stolen items – looks like you could help me...
  • Neema: I don't know what you're talking about!
  • Bayek: My child. You are not at fault, I am here to help.
  • Neema: We hid it in Menkaure's pyramid! I'm sorry! We had to do it for Anta!
  • Bayek: I am sure Anta is a good friend, but Giza is no place for such foolishness.

Bayek left the ruins and made his way into Menkaure's pyramid. Exploring the pyramid, he found his stolen heron feather and recovered it. A little boy attempted to knock him out with a club, but Bayek evaded the strike, and took the club from the boy.

ACO - What's Yours is Mine 03

The boy continued to attack after being disarmed.

  • Apheru: This is our pyramid!
  • Bayek: You've got quite the swing.

Bayek put the club away.

  • Bayek: Just how many of you are there?
  • Apheru: Only my brother, sister and I. Don't harm them! I'm the one responsible.
  • Bayek: I want the notes you stole from the Greek geographer you knocked out.
    And I want my money back.
  • Apheru: We've given everything to the bandits from the hills west of Hemon Tombs. They have Anta too and won't give her back unless we steal for them.
  • Bayek: Who's Anta?
  • Apheru: Our protector! We were going back to Memphis when they took her. If we don't do as they say, they will kill her!
  • Bayek: Bandits who profit from children. Neket iadets. Get your siblings and stay out of sight. You have my word, I will return Anta to you.

Apheru spoke again.

  • Apheru: Do you really think you can get Anta out safely?

Bayek left the pyramid. He made his way to the bandit hideout.

ACO What's Yours Is Mine - Bayek at the bandit hideout

Bayek at the bandit hideout

  • Bayek: This is the camp where Anta is being held. The children gave everything to these bandits, so I should keep an eye out for Corteseos' notes.
    Hmmm. No trace of Anta or the notes. The bandit's stash is likely to be guarded deep inside their hideout.

Bayek entered the tomb and eliminated the bandits within. He heard a dog barking.

  • Bayek: Anta?

Bayek found Anta locked up in a cage.

  • Bayek: Of course... You're Anta, their protector?

(If Bayek explored the other side of the cave first after solving the platform puzzle.) Bayek discovered a cave where a statue of Sobek stands among piles of treasure.

  • Bayek: This should cover what the bandits took from me.

After looting and deciphering the knowledge from an ancient tablet:

  • Bayek: Corteseos's notes must be elsewhere.

Bayek unlocked the cage and freed Anta.

ACO - What's Yours is Mine 04

Bayek followed Anta out of the cave.

  • Bayek: You know your way back...
    Come on, girl.

Bayek followed Anta as she navigated her way out of the tomb.

  • Bayek: So Anta, you are a protector too?
    Excited, aren't you?
    You will see them soon enough.
    I'm right behind you, Anta

Bayek and Anta left the cave and found the three children waiting for them.

  • Bayek: I told you to stay out of sight.
  • Apheru: I know, but this was our fault and we thought you could use some help. The horseman is much, much bigger than you.
  • Bayek: Horseman?
  • Apheru: You haven't seen him? He's the most harrowing of them all. Big and strong! He's the one who took Anta.
  • Bayek: Hmm... He might have Corteseos' notes. Probably using them to locate treasures.
  • Apheru: I have seen him in the ruins around Khufu's pyramid!
  • Bayek: I will take care of this Horseman. You should leave. Now!

The children left the place, together with Anta.

  • Bayek: I should have a look around the pyramids. I can finally find those notes.
    Hmm. Do I wait for this horseman to come back to his cave at night... or seek him out as he roams and terrorizes Giza?

Bayek searched the area around the pyramids. He discovered the horseman roaming around Khufu's pyramid, and killed him, recovering Corteseos' notes.

ACO - What's Yours is Mine 05

Bayek hunted down the horseman

  • Bayek: Corteseos' notes. He will be happy to see these.

Bayek returned to Corteseos in the mastaba.

  • Bayek: Eh! I bring good news.

He handed the notes to the geographer.

  • Corteseos: My notes! By Zeus! I can't believe it! I owe you my life!

Bayek and Corteseos set up a camp and rested. The children and Anta came to visit.

  • Apheru: Is it over!? Are the bandits gone?
  • Bayek: They won't bother you anymore. So you can stop bludgeoning people over the head now.
  • Corteseos: Are these the thieves!?
  • Bayek: Oh, easy, friend. There was a misunderstanding. Their hands were forced. These kids need a safe passage back to Memphis. Right?
  • Apheru: Yes, to the house of Nef, with all the other children.
  • Corteseos: I have not yet mapped out Memphis! It was supposed to be my next stop. Do you know the way?
  • Bayek: Oh, no. They know their way around.
  • Corteseos: What luck! Come along, then!

Corteseos helped to carry Apheru's pouch. As he began to walk, he was stopped by Apheru, who pointed at another direction.

ACO - What's Yours is Mine 06

Bayek told the scholar to have the children guide him to Memphis

  • Apheru: Eh... Memphis?
  • Courteseos: Oh, of course! Thank you.

Corteseos gave Bayek a hug.

  • Neema Come visit us!

Corteseos and the children began their trek to Memphis.


Bayek helped Corteseos recover his notes and in turn, helped free the children and their protector dog from bandits.



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