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Westminster Abbey, formally titled the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, is a large abbey church located west of the Palace of Westminster, in Westminster, London. It is the traditional home of coronations for monarchs of the United Kingdom, as well as burials and Royal weddings.


Initially a Saxon church, it was rebuilt by Edward the Confessor in the 11th century. The architecture adopted a more Romanesque style to show the King's gratitude to God and the Pope. When Henry III of England ascended to the throne a few hundred years later, the church was rebuilt once more as a tribute to Edward the Confessor, this time in Gothic style. To fund this endeavor, the King had to divert funds from the kingdom, to the populace's displease.[1]

In 1661, during the coronation of King Charles II, he noticed his general George Monck speaking with a man holding an Apple of Eden, but had to bow his head to receive his crown from the Archbishop William Juxon before he could look further.[2]

In 1868, the abbey was targeted by Harrison Harley, a Blighter. Before he could enact this plan, however, he was kidnapped by one of the Frye twins and delivered into police custody, thereby saving the ancient church from destruction.[3]

Charles Darwin was also honored with a burial at the abbey, as were former Prime Minister William Gladstone and his wife.[3]




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