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Westminster is a borough of London, which served as the abbey and hospital for the aristocracy during the Industrial Revolution, excluding the city's poor almost entirely.

The borough contained a number of notable residences, such as Whitehall Palace, Devonshire House, Clarendon House, Marlborough House, Buckingham Palace, and the Palace of Westminster.

The borough were overseen by the Templar Lilla Graves; to take over Westminster, Jacob and Evie Frye had to take down several threats. When they were dealt with, a Gang war would be arranged to take down the Templars grip on the borough for good.

Templar-overseer Templars Strongholds Blighters Factories
Lilla Graves Wallace Bone
Beatrice Gribble
Edgar Collicott
Devil's Acre
Blue Anchor Alley
Harrison Harley
Ivan Bunbury
Wade Lynton
Red Growler Distillery
Goodfellow's Brewery