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Westminster is a borough of London, which served as the abbey and hospital for the aristocracy during the Industrial Revolution, excluding the city's poor almost entirely.

The borough contained a number of notable residences, such as 10 Downing Street, Dover House, Montagu House, Richmond Terrace, Buckingham Palace, and the Palace of Westminster.

The borough were overseen by the Templar Lilla Graves; to take over Westminster, Jacob and Evie Frye had to take down several threats. When they were dealt with, a Gang war would be arranged to take down the Templars grip on the borough for good.

Templar-overseer Templars Strongholds Blighters Factories
Lilla Graves Wallace Bone
Beatrice Gribble
Edgar Collicott
Devil's Acre
Blue Anchor Alley
Harrison Harley
Ivan Bunbury
Wade Lynton
Red Growler Distillery
Goodfellow's Brewery