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West Point is the oldest continuously occupied military post in the United States. Located on the Hudson river in New York, it was fortified by the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.


In 1780, West Point was handed over to the Brigadier General Benedict Arnold. That year, Benedict Arnold planned his defection to the British Army with the promise of fortune and military rank. George Washington, hearing reports about Arnold's treason from the Culper Ring, turned to the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton to aid in investigating the matter.[1]

Benedict Arnold tried to persuade Ratonhnhaké:ton of his loyalty to the Patriot cause, though the Assassin discovered Arnold's conspiracy with the secret British Major John André. Upon Arnold's discovery, the British Army attacked West Point to conquer the position, but the Continental Army and Ratonhnhaké:ton fended off the attack, at the cost of Arnold starting his escape to Great Britain.[2]



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