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Werner Heisenberg

Werner Heisenberg

Werner Karl Heisenberg (5 December 1901 – 1 February 1976) was a German physicist. Between 1942 and 1945, Heisenberg headed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin and was one of the fathers of the uranium project of the Nazis, "Uranprojekt", with the aim of developing German weapons.


In 1942, General Gero Kramer and an SS detachment, including Otto Hammerstein and Eddie Gorm, visited the institute to show his support for the project. Kramer praised Heisenberg the day of his arrival in his welcoming speech to an audience of scientists and soldiers. But after a while, Gorm, actually a double agent, took the scientist hostage, threatening to kill him with his gun if the soldiers did not let them leave the room. 

Isolated in a laboratory, Gorm interrogated Heisenberg on the uranium project and the scientist confessed that it was only a cover for a real project called "Die Glocke" that was conducted in Norway, in the Vemork plant. While Gorm had a second of inattention, Heisenberg took the opportunity to hit him on the head with a laboratory utensil and unlocked the door to the soldiers. However, Gorm escaped thanks to the timely arrival of his handler in Berlin, Julia Dusk.



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