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Well Begun Is Half Done was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After planning with Antonio de Magianis to eliminate a few groups of guards so the thieves could construct bonfires for the Flying Machine, Ezio Auditore went off to four different locations in Venice. The first was near a bridge with two Brutes. Another pair of Brutes were stationed on a ship. After he killed two more brutes near the Palazzo Ducale itself, he then finished off a small group of guards on rooftops. With the guards eliminated, Ezio returned to the Venice Thieve's Guild to finish preparations.


Ezio began to clear out the areas designated for bonfires. While clearing out an area on a ship, he overheard two brutes talking.

  • Brute 1: This is ridiculous! Vincenzo was supposed to take my shift an hour ago. My wife is going to murder me if I miss dinner again.
  • Brute 2: E che ti frega? (Why should you give a shit?) Just go. It's not like we're guarding the Doge.
  • Brute 1: What the hell are we guarding anyway?
  • Brute 2: A shipment from China. Some kind of colored powder they brought over for a big party - really expensive! You ask me, the way these nobles spend their money...

Ezio assassinated the two guards and proceeded to clear out the other areas.


Ezio killed several groups of guards around Venice that were preventing the thieves from setting up bonfires for the Flying Machine.



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