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Welcome Home was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was asked by Poseidon to join him in the realm of Atlantis.


With their battle ended and Hades' last gambit to imprison Kassandra in play, she angrily raised her foot to kick him square in the face. However, Poseidon appeared through a portal and struck the ground with the pommel of his trident, conjuring a repulsive force between Kassandra and Hades, separating them.

  • Poseidon: That's enough!
  • Hades: No need to shout. This isn't your domain, brother.
  • Poseidon: Hades has nothing left to offer you. You were never meant to stay here. Nor Elysium. You didn't belong on Kephallonia, and you didn't belong in Sparta. I can offer you a place you do belong. It's time you finally found it. Atlantis awaits.

Poseidon signalled for Kassandra to follow him.

  • Kassandra: Anywhere's better than here.
  • Hades: I won't forget this.

As they prepared to leave, several Tartaros rifts began appearing. Poseidon signalled Kassandra to quickly follow. Hades attempted to follow, only to step into one of the rifts.

  • Hades: No!

Poseidon and Kassandra watched Hades scream in rage as he was absorbed through the portal. The two quickly walked through the portal, appearing in Poseidon's palace. Kassandra rolled out of the portal into a defensive posture, her spear drawn.

  • Poseidon: There's no need for that here. You're safe.

Kassandra sheathed her spear.

  • Kassandra: I've heard that before.

They walked around the palace.

  • Poseidon: This place isn't like any other you've been. There's no Persephone. No Hades.
  • Kassandra: Just you.
  • Poseidon: Just me, Dikastes Basileus, the Grand Adjudicator of all Atlantis.

They reached a door.

  • Poseidon: But to you, I am Poseidon. What I'm offering you, Keeper of the Staff, is a place at my side. Join me as my Dikastes.

The door opened in response to the glow from Poseidon's trident. Kassandra walked through, observing the surroundings. Poseidon followed behind.

  • Poseidon: Welcome home.

Poseidon's trident glowed once again, shutting the door. (If players asked "What is this place?")

  • Kassandra: This place is... the real Atlantis. I mean—it's intact. I thought this city was destroyed.
  • Poseidon: Every seven years, our great city begins a new cycle—if judged to be imperfect.
  • Kassandra: And who's the judge?
  • Poseidon: Before your arrival, it was my decision alone. Now that I have you at my side, I intend for this cycle to last an eternity.

(If players asked "What is a Dikastes?")

  • Kassandra: If you're the Dikastes Basileus, you expect me to be...
  • Poseidon: Dikastes—the judge. Be my hand. Be my hand in laying and enforcing judgement in Atlantis.
  • Kassandra: Well, I must warn you that I'm not always right.
  • Poseidon: I was both surprised and encouraged by your actions in the underworld. Fortunes were exchanged in response to your choices. But trust that I learned your reverence to justice is true.

(If players asked "How do you know about my Staff?")

  • Kassandra: Hades must have told you about my Staff.
  • Poseidon: He didn't have to. As is the way with all heroes, your journey has become the stuff of Atlantean legend.
  • Kassandra: Then you know my Staff is the reason I'm here. I need to learn how to master it.
  • Poseidon: This land is a paradise of power for those with Isu devices. But all in good time.

(If players asked "You want me to live among the gods.")

  • Kassandra: So you expect me to live among you. A home among gods?
  • Poseidon: Gods?! We're much more than the human conception of gods. Your father called us The Ones Who Came Before, but as Aletheia told you, we are the Isu.
  • Kassandra: You know about my Staff, Pythagoras, and Aletheia? I'm starting to feel very watched.
  • Poseidon: Your trials in both Elysium and the underworld—no, your triumphs there—are known to us.
  • Kassandra: My "trials" forced me into a rebellion. They made me face the dead. My hardships make me a good Dikastes?
  • Poseidon: We don't always choose our path, but in this case, your blood chose for you. You possess both DNA strands—the best of humans and Isu. I have no doubt that you are our mutual future.

  • Kassandra: It's an honor. Where do I start?

  • Kassandra: Call yourself whatever you want. You people have used me, lied to me, and tried to kill me.
  • Poseidon: You've done the same to others when it was necessary. But it's all the more reason to overcome that now. Lead by example. My people can change, just as you can.
  • Kassandra: I'm listening.

  • Kassandra: I cry. I bleed. I make as many mistakes as anyone. How can I be the one you're looking for?
  • Poseidon: It is precisely for those reasons that I know to trust you. Your sense of awareness is essential.
  • Kassandra: If you say so.

  • Poseidon: Humans have five sense to understand the world around them. We have been blessed a sixth—knowledge.

Confused, Kassandra raised up her hand to her eagle.

  • Poseidon: Ah, no, it is not merely your Vision of the Eagle. The essence of that sense sleeps now, but it can be awoken in Atlantis. Your Staff is more than a key. It's a bridge between who you are now, and who you must become.
  • Kassandra: And if I fully awaken this sixth sense, I'll have mastered the Staff?
  • Poseidon: That, and more. Come, let me show you.

Poseidon led Kassandra to an opening to the balcony.

  • Kassandra: I accessed power sources in Elysium and the underworld. They helped my "knowledge," I think, but they haven't changed my senses.
  • Poseidon: In Atlantis, you'll find the sources that awaken your new sense much more concentrated. Not only will your knowledge grow here, but it will thrive. You'll find three such sources once you leave this palace. You know them as Keeper's Insights.

They looked towards what seems to be a barrier on the opening.

  • Kassandra: Doesn't look like anyone can get through.
  • Poseidon: It's blocked to those who haven't full access to our knowledge. Find the source of that knowledge within this palace. Try to pass through once you do.

Kassandra climbed up the shelves and walls in the area, finding a stele at the top of the room. She approached the stele, receiving the knowledge.

  • Duty of the Dikastes:
    Poseidon, the Trident King, has decreed these rules be followed without discretion throughout Atlantis.

    I. Rulings made by the Dikastes must be followed.
    II. The Dikastes will act as an impartial judge, and has authority over all except the Dikastes Basileus.
    III. Isu experimentation is prohibited on all humans, and the Dikastes will see to its adherence.
    IV. Matters of Isu and human concern must be considered without bias.
    V. All judgments made by the Dikastes will directly influence the cycle's success.
  • Kassandra: It's strange, but it feels like the Staff is becoming a part of me. I think I'm starting to understand. It's like I can feel Isu memories and hear their wisdom.

Kassandra leapt down to the stack of flowers below, passing through the barrier. She returned to Poseidon at the balcony, looking over Atlantis. Ikaros flew out to survey the city as Kassandra's final trial began in earnest.

  • Kassandra: Now I know what you meant about the sources being more concentrated. I feel different.
  • Poseidon: Many things are different here, Dikastes. You'll discover that in time. Atlantis awaits you. I have one rule that is absolute. Our technology cannot be used on my human civilians. Their bodies cannot withstand the power. The Isu know this above all.
  • Kassandra: So, I'm free to go? What task should the Dikastes do first?
  • Poseidon: Even Atlantis is not a perfect society—it yearns for balance. So, be that balance. Then, when your role as guide to the people is fulfilled, it may well be perfection. Don't worry. You've already earned my respect, which is a trial in itself.

Poseidon departed. Shortly thereafter, a man ran up to her.

  • Atlantean Messenger: Dikastes, his eminence, Atlas, humbly requests that you join him at his Doma to discuss a matter of grave importance.
  • Kassandra: Right... I'll make sure to stop by.

The messenger left.

  • Kassandra: "His eminence"? This place has more kings than Sparta.


Kassandra was transported to Atlantis by Poseidon, beginning her new life as the dikastes of the city. She was asked to visit a man named Atlas at his Doma.


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