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The Assassin's Creed II Web Battle was a Uplay service, which users could access by logging into their Ubisoft account. They could then battle with other users through five categories, which were "Overall," "Fight and Kills," "Navigation," "Social" and "Villa." From there, a challenge could be initiated by comparing one of their statistics in a category with the statistics of another.

There was also a section containing achievements – which were divided into those that were related to the game's progress – and Web Battle, which were related to results from user battles. When achievements were earned, they could unlock rewards such as a map of feather locations, Glyph solutions and artwork.


Offline achievements[]

Name How to obtain Reward
Courtly man Complete 3 courier missions. Web Battle Art
Mercenaries Complete 5 mercenary missions. Web Battle Sound
King of thieves Hire 5 groups of thieves. Web Battle Tip
Discreet man Spend 5 minutes blended. Web Battle Map
Noble Earned more than 100,000 florins. Web Battle Art
Notorious man Be 10 times notorious. Web Battle Sound
Rider Cover 3,000 meters on horseback. Web Battle Movie
Sea legs Cover 500 meters on water with gondolas. Web Battle Tip
50 View Points Synchronize with 50 View Points. Web Battle Art
Frequent flyer Fly a distance of 500 meters. Web Battle Sound
Blade expert Perform 100 kills with the Hidden Blade. Web Battle Movie
Blade master Perform 200 kills with the Hidden Blade. Web Battle Art
Air assassination master Perform 10 air assassinations. Web Battle Sound
A man of taste Acquire the services of 5 courtesans. Web Battle Tip
Spender Spend more than 250,000 florins. Web Battle Art
Master of the viewpoints Synchronize all 66 View Points. Web Battle Movie
Petruccio's feathers Collect 50 feathers in the memory of Petruccio. Web Battle Tip
Achiever Collect the 330 treasures. Web Battle Art
Wise man Acquire all the equipment items. Web Battle Sound
Good walker Cover an overall distance of 200 kilometers. Web Battle Movie
Rich man Earn 500,000 florins. Web Battle Sound
Restored Monteriggioni Restore the Villa to 100%. Web Battle Movie
Low synchronization Reach 25% synchronization. Web Battle Art
Swimmer Swim a distance of 1000 meters. Web Battle Sound
Half synchronization Reach 50% synchronization. Web Battle Movie
High synchronization Reach 75% synchronization. Web Battle Art
Architecture lover Renovate all areas of Monteriggioni. Web Battle Sound
Shopping man Upgrade all Monteriggioni's shops. Web Battle Art
Traveler Travel a total ground distance of 100,000 meters. Web Battle Movie
The 10th hour Play the game for 10 hours. Web Battle Art
The 15th hour Play the game for 15 hours. Web Battle Sound
Disarming man Disarm 20 enemies. Web Battle Movie
Beautiful Monteriggioni Reach a 140,000 florin value for Monteriggioni. Web Battle Art
Master assassin Kill 500 enemies. Web Battle Art
Art expert Collect all art pieces. Web Battle Art
Double blade master Perform 10 double air assassinations. Web Battle Movie
Walker Cover an overall distance of 100 kilometers. Web Battle Movie
Vertigo Climb a height of 5,000 meters. Web Battle Movie
Full synchronization Reach 100% synchronization. Web Battle Movie

Web Battle achievements[]

Name How to obtain Reward
Frequent winner Earn a win/loss ratio greater than 0.75 after 10 web battles. Web Battle Movie
First win First web battle win. Web Battle Art
Balanced man Win one battle for each statistic category. Web Battle Art
10 wins Win 10 web battles. Web Battle Tip
Lucky man Win 50 statistic battles. Web Battle Art
Friendly man Win 10 web battles with friends. Web Battle Movie