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We the People was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Shay and Liam journeyed to Albany to track down the Templar James Wardrop and recover the manuscript that was in his possession.


Shay returned to the Morrigan after assassinating Samuel Smith.

  • Shay: I've got the Precursor box. Smith's dead.
  • Liam: Well done, Shay.
  • Shay: Where's Chevalier?
  • Liam: Returning to Le Gerfaut. We'll have to celebrate without him, I'm afraid.
  • Shay: I don't feel much like celebrating, Liam... I know we have to get these artifacts back, but at what cost? Samuel Smith... He could barely hold his sword straight. Killing him was...
  • Liam: Necessary.
  • Shay: But-
  • Liam: But nothing! Smith was a dangerous man, a Templar. And what's worse, he had the Precursor box. You should be proud of yourself, Shay.
  • Shay: Perhaps.
  • Liam: We should head for Albany now. James Wardrop, the fellow Lawrence Washington gave the Manuscript to, will be there. Kesegowaase reported that James Wardrop rooted out many tribes from their ancestral lands. We have proof that he's behind countless massacres. He's one of the most devious and ruthless men in the colonies. He uses the letter of the law to serve his purposes, and when the law does not bend to him, he gets lawmakers to bend it for him. Mark my words, Shay: James Wardrop is a bureaucrat, and doesn't care how his actions affect others.

The pair sailed to the River Valley, eventually arriving in Albany. The town was full of guards who stood at checkpoints.

  • Citizen 1: I have no business in Albany, sir, just visiting. My sister lives here.
  • Guard 1: And how long are you planning to stay?
  • Citizen 1: Only a few days.
  • Guard 1: Please wait here.
  • Citizen 1: So many soldiers posted here. Is all this to protect the politicians?
  • Guard 1: Indeed. There's more hot air here than in the Sahara.

Another man walked up to the guards.

  • Guard 2: Where are you from, sir?
  • Citizen 2: Trenton.
  • Guard 2: And what is your business here?
  • Citizen 2: That's none of your concern.
  • Guard 2: With respect, sir, it is.

Shay then joined Hope and Liam in the district controlled by the Assassins.

We The People 1

Shay meeting with Hope and Liam

  • Hope: You're here. The Congress is still in session. George Washington and his militia have fired on French troops under Jumonville. The French are calling it an act of war.
  • Shay: George Washington. You mean Lawrence's younger brother?
  • Liam: Yeah, it's the same... Speaking of Lawrence Washington, since you eliminated him, James Wardrop has moved up in ranks. All the Templar resources are at his disposal now.
  • Shay: What about the Manuscript?
  • Hope: My sources in New York confirm that Wardrop has it. I also learned that he is here, at the Congress, under heavy guard.
  • Liam: Shay, find Wardrop, get that Manuscript.
  • Hope: This place is thick with Templar troops... Liam and I will make sure he doesn't escape.

Shay then made his way towards the Albany City Hall.

  • Guard 3: I heard William Johnson was here.
  • Guard 4: Who's he?
  • Guard 3: Well, he's a trader and was Colonel of the Warriors of the Six Nations for a while. He's responsible for the New York levies now, I think. He also owns lands and trading posts all over the colonies. And he built Fort William Henry.
  • Guard 4: Never heard of him.
  • Guard 5: So what's so important about this Congress?
  • Guard 6: Who knows? They never tell us anything.
  • Citizen 3: My father is an old man. Can't you just-
  • Guard 7: With respect, I cannot let just anyone inside.
  • Citizen 4: Where is your commanding officer? I want a word with him.
  • Guard 8 Let me just see if I can find him, sir.
  • Guard 9: I'm afraid not, ma'am.
  • Citizen 5: What about pie? Wouldn't you love some pie?
  • Citizen 6: What do you mean, I cannot attend the Congress?
  • Guard 9: I mean, you cannot attend, sir.
  • Citizen 6: I have money. And connections, you know.
  • Guard 9: That may be. But I can't let you in.
  • Citizen 6: Well, we'll see about that.
  • Citizen 7: We need closer ties with the Indians.
  • Citizen 8: I don't think we can trust them.
  • Citizen 9: Well, I don't think we have much choice. The French could attack at any time.
  • Citizen 7: They dare not, I hope.
  • Citizen 10: We should have our own king, right here in Albany.
  • Citizen 11: What about that young officer, Charles Lee? I hear he's got potential.
  • Citizen 10: Our own Bonnie Prince Charlie. I like it.

Reaching the City Hall, Shay blended with the crowd.

We The People 2

Franklin speaking at the Congress

  • Shay: Ah... That must be the Templar William Johnson. Perhaps he has the Manuscript, or knows where it is.
  • Franklin: As I have stated previously, I believe we need a national union, granted by an act of Parliament but bringing greater independence to our colonies. The French are an immediate threat and we are ill-prepared to face them. To put it bluntly, the colonies must join, or die.

Applauding, Johnson went to speak with Franklin.

  • Johnson: A rousing speech, Master Franklin. But do you truly believe Great Britain will grant her colonies autonomy?
  • Franklin: They have little choice, Master Johnson. You know the remoteness of this frontier better than most.
  • Johnson: Yes... But let us leave politics for another day. I wanted to thank you for your research-
  • Franklin: Of course, of course! In the brief time I could examine that box, I could tell it was something unique. From Ancient Egypt, you said? Well, as I mentioned in my letter, I am quite ready to electrify it...
  • Johnson: Excellent. We will have the box delivered shortly. As for the manuscript... Captain!
  • Captain: I apologize, sir, but Master Wardrop refused to hand it over. He said the risks were too great.
  • Johnson: The risks!? Ah... I apologize. You will have the manuscript and the box in the briefest of delays.

Franklin departed.

We The People 6

Johnson threatening the soldier

  • Johnson: You mangy excuse for a uniform! Run to Fort Frederick and tell Master Wardrop he had better cough up that manuscript post-haste! Else I will have him scalped!

The Captain began running towards Fort Frederick.

  • Shay: I can't let that Lobster Captain reach Wardrop!

Shay killed the Captain.

  • Shay: And now to Wardrop... and the Manuscript.

Shay then infiltrated Fort Frederick.

  • Wardrop: Look sharp, soldier!
    Soldier, mind that uniform!
    Well done, soldier. Do not stop on my behalf. Again, young man. We will make a soldier out of you.

Once Wardrop spotted him, the Templar attempted to flee.

  • Wardrop: Help! Men, we're under attack!
    That hooded man! Get him!
    The Templars will have their revenge!
    A whole battalion will be after you!
    You'll regret this, Assassin!

Shay assassinated Wardrop.

We The People 9

Shay taking the manuscript from Wardrop

  • Shay: I'll take that, you Templar dog.
  • Wardrop: No! You have no idea what you are doing, fool.
  • Shay: Keeping the people free from your control.
  • Wardrop: How free will you be when the French undermine these squabbling colonies?
  • Shay: These colonies would be far better off without the Templars pulling the strings.
  • Wardrop: We bring order from chaos. If everything is permitted, no one is safe.

Wardrop succumbed to his wounds.

  • Shay: Even the devil can quote scripture to suit his own purposes.


Shay assassinated James Wardrop and retrieved the manuscript.


  • The memory's title is a reference to the Preamble to the United States Constitution, which is a brief introductory statement of the Constitution's fundamental purposes and guiding principles.
  • In this memory, Johnson could be killed by Shay by shooting him, but he would still appear in the next cutscene.
  • Though Liam and Hope did say that they would provide back-up if in case Wardrop did try to escape, they are nowhere to be found if Shay began to chase the Templar throughout Albany.



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