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We Remember was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with Sokrates to reminisce about their adventures.


Kassandra met with Sokrates at the Cemetery Road.

  • Sokrates: Behold, I've kept myself alive.
  • Kassandra: It was the one job I gave you, Sokrates. I knew you could handle it.
  • Sokrates: I would have attempted it even if you hadn't told me to.
  • Kassandra: It's not as easy as it seems—staying alive. There's not many of us left.
  • Sokrates: Then let's pay tribute to them. Though they aren't here now, they were here once. Come with me.

Kassandra followed Sokrates and they navigated around the cemetery.

  • Sokrates: My opinion on death is a nebulous one, because I know nothing about it. Therefore, I know I shouldn't be afraid.
  • Kassandra: I'm not afraid, either.
  • Sokrates: Many are, because they don't know what death holds for them. One can only trust that the gods know for certain.

Kassandra and Sokrates at Phoibe's tombstone

They arrived at a particular tombstone, belonging to Kassandra's friend Phoibe.

  • Kassandra: Phoibe.
  • Kassandra: She never got to be a little girl. I talked to her like she was already grown up.
  • Sokrates: Which you did out of respect for her. Question your choices, Kassandra, but never doubt them.
  • Kassandra: Thank you for giving her the burial she deserved.
  • Sokrates: There are countless others here, in Elysium. The blessed have earned that eternal happiness. One of them is our great Perikles.
  • Kassandra: Athens owes him a debt for all he's done.
  • Perikles: They didn't call him the "first citizen of Athens" for nothing. A man of many contributions, but also a private man.

  • Kassandra: If only he had shared his burden...
  • Sokrates: We only knew him as he presented himself to be, but who's to say that wasn't his true self?

  • Kassandra: He had to keep to himself. He was always being pursued by something or someone.
  • Sokrakes By protecting himself, he was protecting Athens from ruin. Aspasia may have been the only one who truly knew him.

  • Kassandra: This war has taken so many. Even Brasidas fell.
  • Sokrates: Maybe so. But as a Spartan, he fulfilled his duty and died on the battlefield.

(If Kassandra and Brasidas were on poor terms)

  • Kassandra: I could have helped him more. He was on my side.

(If Kassandra and Brasidas were friends – Determined by choices regarding The Monger and Lagos)

  • Kassandra: I helped him all I could. He was my friend.

Regardless, Sokrates assured Kassandra of her good works on Brasidas' behalf.

  • Sokrates: Your survival avenges him. He will be honored as a hero.
  • Kassandra: The people will remember how we brought down Kleon.
  • Sokrates: Apparently soldiers found Kleon on the beach. A casualty of war, perhaps?

Kassandra shrugged and smiled, barely constructing a lie.

  • Kassandra: Couldn't say. It's hard to recall what happens in the heat of battle.
  • Sokrates: Either way, let him spend his eternity in Tartarus for what he's done. And be certain our friends wait for us in the light.
  • Kassandra: I'd drink to that.

Sokrates paused for a bit, then agreed with a smile.

  • Sokrates: Who am I to say no?

Kassandra invited Sokrates for a drink. They made their way to Perikles' Residence.

A celebration at Perikles' residence

At the former residence of Athens' leader and their friend, they celebrated alongside Aristophanes, Alkibiades, and Hippokrates. Aristophanes walked away briefly while Alkibiades, Sokrates, and Kassandra shared a laugh.

  • Aristophanes: Well, this has supplied me with plenty of new material for my next play.

Hippokrates rose from his seat.

  • Hippokrates: Remember how Kassandra took the Monger to task—for all of Korinth to see! That would suit a drama.

  • Hippokrates: Kassandra killed the Monger as an act of espionage. That's exciting—write a scene like that.

  • Alkibiades: There's been no love scene yet! Let me provide that inspiration now.

(If Kassandra romanced Xenia)

  • Aristophanes: You want romance? I hear she pursued a pirate queen.
  • Alkibiades: Xenia? Do tell.
  • Kassandra: My lips are sealed.

(If not, Sokrates speaks.)

  • Sokrates: Beauty is short-lived. You may as well use it, Alkibiades.
  • Alkibiades: And to that, I raise my drink.

Sokrates looked to Kassandra to make a toast.

Kassandra raised her cup.

  • Kassandra: To us—who have persisted through everything. And to those who wanted to persist.

Kassandra raised her cup.

  • Kassandra: To moving forward. We'll leave the past behind.

Kassandra raised her cup.

  • Kassandra: To Athens. And our promise to return the city to its former glory.

Regardless, the group raised their cups as well.

  • Aristophanes: A tribute as good as your singing.

Sokrates raised his cup.

  • Sokrates: And to the gods.

The rest besides Alkibiades followed.

  • Alkibiades: Now, dear teacher, I think you should whisk me away for our private lesson.
  • Sokrates: I'm afraid I haven't had enough wine for that, Alkibiades.
  • Alkibiades: Then someone fill his cup!

They all laughed, and the Periklean Circle continued talking well into the night.


Kassandra met with Sokrates to remember their friends who had perished in the course of the war. They later celebrated with their fellow friends at Perikles' former residence.


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