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We Demand a Parlay was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


While staying in Nassau, Edward witnessed the arrival of the British Navy and Woodes Rogers, who came to offer the King's pardon to all pirates.


  • Anne: Putting some shape to your sentiments?
  • Edward: Just a short letter home. I reckon she's past caring anyway.
  • Anne: Aw. You're a hard heart that should be softer.
  • Rackham: Or soft in parts that should be hard.
  • Anne: And how is it you're so keen for his hard parts, Mr. Rackham?
  • Rackham: You'd like to know my secrets, would you?
  • Anne: Oh aye. Give me a small hint, like. Or a large one, if you're an upright gentleman.
  • Rackham: Open your hand.
  • Anne: Oh!
  • Edward: Who's shooting?
  • Rackham: Might be them ships sliding into port.
  • Edward: Jaysus.

Edward made his way to the beach.

We Demand A Parlay 1

Edward and Rackham watching the arriving British forces

  • Rackham: Well, I'll be hanged. King George has grown tired of our shenanigans. Who's the grim fella?
  • Edward: That's Captain Woodes Rogers. Not a man I want seeing my face.
  • Rogers: We desire a parlay with the men who call themselves governors of this island! Charles Vane, Ben Hornigold, and Ed Thatch! Come forth, if you please.
  • Rackham: Here about the king's pardon, I reckon.
  • Edward: What the hell is Hornigold doing?
  • Rackham: Lily-livered punk!
  • Edward: What are you men up to?
  • Rogers: I am grateful for your geniality, Captain Hornigold. I assumed our reception would be a troubled one.
  • Hornigold: Don't mistake my decorum for deference, governor. I'm eager to hear what you have to say, but of uncertain mind otherwise.
  • Rogers: Very well put. And it's a fairer shake than I expected to see from any pirate. But I promise fair treatment to all who hear me out.
  • Chamberlaine: Only wait a while longer, Governor Rogers! These rascals'll show their true colours in time.
  • Rogers: Calm, Commodore Chamberlaine. I have given Captain Hornigold my word that we will be equitable.
  • Chamberlaine: Won't do you a lick of good! Men like him are a blight on His Majesty's reputation, and a peculiar cancer afflicting the new world. The King wants them eradicated above all else.
  • Rogers: Is this the town square?
  • Hornigold: As close to one as we've ever had.
  • Rogers: Incredible. It's no cleaner than a dog's kennel. Captain Hornigold, please call your men.
  • Hornigold: Rackham! Vane! The governor's come calling. Bring Burgess and Cockram as well.
  • Chamberlaine: Fan out, lads! And take this shantytown as if it were your own!
  • Rogers: Aye, but the king has been particularly ineffective in bringing about this change, hasn't he? And has failed at all attempts until now.
  • Chamberlaine: Careful how you talk about His Majesty, governor. You're here at his pleasure.
  • Rogers: I have my methods, Commodore, and I expect you to honor them to the letter! Disperse, the lot of you. Make way for the King's emissaries!
  • Chamberlaine: Out of the way, you bastards! Go on!
  • Rogers: Our only aim here is to treat with the masters of this community. All others are encouraged to go about their usual business!
  • Chamberlaine: Go on, move! Go!
We Demand A Parlay 3

Edward tailing the group

  • Rogers: Commodore Chamberlaine, please see that all merchants, masons, and carpenters are rounded up and brought to me this afternoon. We must see about repairing this fortress.
  • Chamberlaine: We should be confiscating weapons, Governor. Send these pirates a clear, strong message that the King's emissaries are not to be trifled with.
  • Rogers: I have no wish to stir up animosity here, Commodore. And though well-armed, we are outnumbered by a decent margin. Slow persuasion is our best and most efficient weapon.
  • Chamberlaine: Twaddle, governor. We should sink every goddamn ship not flying the King's colours. To do otherwise projects a certain weakness in our bearing.
  • Rogers: Silence, Commodore! I am the goddamned governor here, serving at the King's pleasure, and I will make the bloody decisions. Is that clear, sir?
  • Chamberlaine: Aye, sir. Your wishes are clear as crystal.

They reached the fort.

  • Soldier: These are the charts, Commodore. We're in position.
  • Chamberlaine: Governor Rogers believes he can make men of these monkeys yet. I do not. Return to your post and await my orders.

Edward infiltrated the fort.

  • Rogers: ... we do hereby promise and declare that in case of the said pirates shall on, or before, the 5th of September, in the year of our Lord 1718, surrender him or themselves to any one of the principle secretaries of state in Great Britain or Ireland, or to any Governor or Deputy Governor of any of our plantations beyond the seas... Every such pirate and pirates so surrendering him, or themselves, as aforesaid, shall have our gracious pardon, of and for such, his or their piracy, or piracies, by him or them committed before the fifth of January next ensuing. And we do hereby strictly charge and command all our admirals, captains, and other officers at sea... and all our Governors, and Commanders of any forts, castles, or other places in our plantations, and all our officers civil and military, to seize and take such of the pirates, who shall refuse or neglect to surrender themselves accordingly.

Edward stole the Commodore's plans.

We Demand A Parlay 7

The pirates meeting with Rogers and Chamberlaine

  • Rogers: I pray you take the prudent course, gentlemen, and accept the King's pardon as soon as your hearts allow. For until such time all of you will be confined in Nassau. I am sorry for this, but in lieu of a public trial, this pardon is your best bet.
  • Chamberlaine: The Governor puts it far too brightly, maggots. Take this message home: accept the King's protection forthwith, or we will raze this town to its foundation and stretch your bloody necks.
  • Rogers: Peace, Commodore Chamberlaine. We are messengers, not executioners. Not yet.

Rogers and Chamberlaine returned to their quarters, and the pirates began to leave.

  • Vane: Oh, thank you, Sir! God save you!
  • Hornigold: Look on this as a stroke of fortune, lads. We should take the King's pardon and salvage what dignity we own.
  • Vane: Oh, piss! I'll be hanged before I surrender to that bobbin.
  • Hornigold: Check your head, Vane! We had here a rare opportunity; a chance to take something base and shape it into a government, made and maintained by men of vision. But in two years we pissed it away. I won't make that mistake again.
  • Cockram: It's truth he's telling. And you whelps can't handle it.
  • Burgess: (Bye!), ye fo'c'sle-headed fuddlers! See you at the gallows.
  • Vane: You'll all be dead men! Bastards! I need a drink.


Woodes Rogers, and Peter Chamberlaine came to Nassau to offer the King's pardon, and Hornigold and his men decided to accept it.




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