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Way of the Gabiniani was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek met with Cleopatra to discover the identity of Khemu's true killers.


Bayek received a letter from Aya.

  • Aya's letter: Bayek,
    We have made an alliance with Pompey, but news from Apollodorus is mixed: those we've been tracking were not Khemu's killers. Bastards, yes, but there are two more names we must erase: The Scorpion and the Jackal are within Ptolemy's royal guard. I will join in Herakleion as soon as Phoxidas and I finish with our naval missions. I love you more than ever, Bayek. We did not choose this life, but Fate opened the doors to the Order of Ancients and we must spend our lives closing it.
  • Bayek: I have killed all these neket iadet (pieces of shit). Apollodorus must be told. To Herakleion.

Bayek travelled to Herakleion and entered the royal palace.

  • Egyptian soldier 1: Ah, look it is the Medjay.
  • Egyptian soldier 2: One more warrior to add to our ranks.
  • Egyptian soldier 1: I hope Amun works among us.

He entered the courtyard.

  • Woman: I have been praying so often, my priest said I should relax.
  • Man: We will get through this. Apollodorus is coming with our wine. All is not lost, Cleopatra is still the goddess.
  • Woman: I hope these tough times do not kill her aura.
  • Man: Her aura is as strong as ever. Her temple will be redesigned in her name.

Bayek and Apollodorus drinking together

Bayek found Apollodorus inside a small shrine.

  • Apollodorus: Ah! Look who was returned! Bayek of Siwa! Perfect that you have met us in Herakleion, a city of wine, women, whatever a Medjay like you desires... and deserves.

As Apollodorus offered Bayek a cup of wine, Bayek took the whole jar and drank from it.

  • Bayek: Ah, to the Queen.

Bayek continued to meet with Cleopatra in the backyard.

  • Cleopatra: Bayek. You arrive at an opportune time.
  • Bayek: Cleopatra. I am still looking for the men who killed my son. The Order is neutralized. Was my hunt for me or for you?
  • Cleopatra: I have two more names. The Order can't be—
  • Bayek: And how many more names after that?
  • Cleopatra: As many as it takes.
  • Bayek: I wish to bring my son to the afterlife where he belongs, not—Ah, I like you, Cleopatra, but the royal matters that seduced my wife do not sway me so.

Bayek demanding explanations from Cleopatra

  • Cleopatra: What does the badge mean to you? Have you forgotten?
  • Bayek: This badge means more to you than it does to me.
  • Cleopatra: This is not one man we are fighting. Nothing ends simply. Aya has understood that you have a new reality: I am your Pharaoh, you are Medjay to all of Egypt.
    Follow me, we have a gift.

Cleopatra walked past Bayek, and he followed her.

  • Bayek: Speaking of Medjay, any news of Aya?
  • Cleopatra: Aya is still defending the seas. We are expecting Pompey and his fleet anyday now, to unite against the Order and change the land.
  • Bayek: I did see a lot on my hunt that sickened me. Our land is being oppressed greatly. I realized we cannot let the Order rise again.
  • Cleopatra: Yes, Bayek, the two new names, the Jackal and the Scorpion, are within my brother's inner circle. We believe they are the ones behind the attempt on my life.
  • Bayek: An attempt on your life? By your brother's phylakes?
  • Cleopatra: Hard to tell. A Gabiniani. One of Septimius' warriors. They form a militia two thousand strong. I had hoped to ally with them.
  • Bayek: With Septimius? The Roman lug? He leads them?
  • Cleopatra: Yes, the dreamer who posits himself as truly Egyptian, and yet sends a man to murder me. Not very Egyptian if you ask me. Aya feels he is working for the Order and has a proxy here named Venator.
  • Bayek: Perhaps he is the masked one that forced my son's death upon me.

Cleopatra's followers interrogating Livius

Cleopatra led them to to the gardens of the palace, where Apollodorus had a beaten man named Livius thrown before them.

  • Livius: Futuo (Fuck)! Just kill me already, you cowards.

Apollodorus kicked him.

  • Apollodorus: Here is your gift. He is in the Order of Ancients like Septimius. We found him snooping around the villa. We think he knows who killed your son.

Bayek threatening his supposed son's killer with his Hidden Blade.

Bayek grabbed Livius by the neck, lifting him.

  • Livius: My brother Septimius killed your son, and I don't give a shit.
  • Bayek: Shit-giving is my job.

Livius reached for Bayek's throat, and Bayek extended his Hidden Blade, taking it to Livius' throat despite the latter's attempts to hinder him.

  • Livius: I just fucked those twins... Venator...

Bayek drew back his hand, and headbutted Livius, sending him to the ground, unconscious.

  • Apollodorus: Enough for you?
    I will press him for more information. I suggest you visit the brothel in town.

Guard picked Livius up, and Apollodorus followed them. Bayek turned to leave.

Cleopatra tasking Bayek to track down the plotters

  • Cleopatra: Yes, go dig through this Dionysian town and unearth the plot against us.

Cleopatra then followed Apollodorus.

  • Apollodorus: Septimius is in town, his main Phylakes is a man named Venator. We heard rumors he is lurking around the brothel.
  • Bayek: I will clean this town up. And ensure our safety.

If Bayek spoke to Cleopatra and Apollodorus, they'd have only the following to say.

  • Cleopatra: My plan is to rename this temple in my name. Is the town safe yet?
  • Bayek: I got busy and distracted. It is a beautiful region.
  • Apollodorus: Any luck? Enjoy the brothel? Time is of the essence, if we want to catch Septimius.
  • Bayek: I am working on it.

Bayek speaking to Helen, the brothel's owner

Bayek made his way to the brothel and spoke with the owner, Helen.

  • Helen: Ah, a true warrior. I have a discount for—wait, you are not with the Gabinianis, are you?
  • Bayek: No, I am not. I am a Medjay.
  • Helen: Wow, Medjays used to come here all the time, but not recently. Who do you work for, then?
  • Bayek: Cleopatra.
  • Helen: I heard she was in town. Well, a Medjay working for his pharaoh, you must have gold to burn.
  • Bayek: I would like to speak with your legendary twins.
  • Helen: "Speaking" is what you call it? I suppose we all have our thing. The twins are going to cost you, if you want to speak or anything else with them, Medjay.

Bayek paid the owner.

  • Helen: Make yourself comfortable upstairs, the twins will come for you. They had a rough night yesterday, so don't "speak" too hard with them, hm?

Bayek inquiring the twins about Venator's whereabouts

Bayek went upstairs and met there the twins, a brother and a sister, who were bruised.

  • Brother: You wanted to speak to us?
  • Bayek: I'm looking for a Gabiniani named Venator.
  • Brother: Shhh. Do not say that name!
  • Sister: He is a neket iadet! I won't hold my tongue for that monster! Everyone is scared of him, but you should kill him! He's staying at the top of the square.
  • Bayek: He won't be staying anywhere, ever again.

Bayek entering the room used by Venator

Bayek left them, and sought out Venator's room, entering through the second floor balcony.

  • Bayek: By Anubis. This place has been busy. Venator does not work alone.

Bayek spotted blood on the wall.

  • Bayek: Blood on the walls. This Venator is sick. What have you and your men been up to?

Bayek found a set of dishes and pitchers.

  • Bayek: This place smells like a swamp. Broken dishes, it reeks of foul play.

Bayek travelled down to the first level, finding a bust of Cleopatra riddled with arrows.

  • Bayek: Target practice on Cleopatra? Venator is training his Gabinianis for an assassination.

Bayek found various things on a couch.

  • Bayek: Lutes, lipstick and scented oils. Were women of the street here? And Roman regalia. Odd. Seems Venator wants his men to mix well.

Bayek found a crate of wine casks.

  • Bayek: Wine casks, this doesn't smell like wine, though. Oil in wine casks? Enough oil to burn down the whole city.
    I fear the Queen was right, Venator is plotting. Hm... but I need more information. Something is missing?

Bayek broke open a vase and found a snake and a letter inside. Bayek slew the snake and read the letter.

  • Letter from Septimius: Dear Venator,
    I have included the drachma for your pleasure and the arming of your men. Remember to maintain confidentiality. The Gabiniani name still means something as we ascend to the throne. Pay your men for the assassination and return to meet me in Alexandria once the deed is done. Remember to be efficient. The arsonist can enter her villa via the dock, our archer can provide one fatal arrow through her heart posted at a high point, Livius should try a more direct approach and I'm sure Alexus can find a proper way to infiltrate with his eccentric methods, he always does. I trust you will ensure the job is done. I await your arrival excitedly, our navy could always use a good warrior to bolster any new war efforts on the horizon.
    The Order of Ancients is strong, soon enough peace and order will be our gift to the people of Egypt. But our iron clad strength is the only way to maintain control of Egypt.
    — Septimius

Bayek reconstructed the scene in his mind.

Venator instructing his men to carry out their roles

  • Bayek: My gods. A crafty plan. One of the men is posing as a woman. Must be to infiltrate the palace. Posing as wine merchants, they will dock and set a fire to cause a panic. With an archer ready to pick off the Queen in the confusion. Somewhere high. Venator, more than just one of Septimius' dogs. You have your own puppets within the Order. I have to find them before they strike.

Alexus investigating how to infiltrate the palace

Bayek found Alexus dressed as a woman.

  • Alexus: How do I look? Later on, I plan on playing the lute for the Queen.
  • Woman: You look great. You are with the musicians who will play for Cleopatra? You are so lucky.
  • Alexus: Yes, I am looking for the other musicians, have you seen them?
  • Woman: No, I have not. Are you planning on coming to the orgy?
  • Alexus: Well... when in Rome...
  • Woman: We're in Egypt, idiot.

Bayek killed Alexus.

  • Woman: Alexus!
  • Bayek: He was an imposter! A Roman man who wants to kill the Queen. I am doing you a favour!
  • Woman: Never a dull moment in this town.

Bayek found the lamplighter.

  • Soldier 1: Can we return to the brothel? Let's leave Cleopatra and enjoy life.
  • Soldier 2: No way, futuo (fuck)! I can't wait to burn Cleopatra.
  • Lamplighter: I talked with Venator, and he even paid me to light the braziers. Apparently, Cleopatra's defenses are weak. This will be the easiest assassination in the world.

Bayek found the archer whistling atop a tower.

  • Archer: (whistling) Cleopatra...

Aya runs in an urge to hug Bayek

Bayek killed the archer. Having killed the plotters, Bayek returned to the palace, where he found that Aya had returned.

  • Bayek: Aya! My love!
  • Aya: Bayek!

Aya leapt into Bayek's arms, and they kissed.

  • Bayek: Ah! You smell of the sea!
  • Aya: The high seas have taken me for some time. But now I am yours.

Aya deflecting the arrow

Aya spotted Roman archers with Cleopatra in their crosshairs. She deflected one of the arrows headed towards her with her knife.

  • Aya: Ahh! Move!

Apollodorus escorted Cleopatra to safety, while Aya and Bayek engaged the incoming soldiers, along with the palace guards.

  • Apollodorus: I am wounded, Aya! Protect the Queen!
    Aya! I am wounded! You must protect the Queen!
  • Aya: I am coming!
  • Bayek: I got this my love!
  • Soldier 3: The so-called Queen. Your throne shall resemble a tomb.
  • Bayek: Which one of you claims to be Venator?
  • Soldier 3: He is our leader, and you will not get to him!
  • Bayek: Oh, please!

Bayek killed the soldiers.

  • Bayek: That takes care of these thugs. Yet not Venator.

Bayek in combat against the Venator

Venator approached, attacking Bayek.

  • Venator: Your Queen is an unworthy bitch.
  • Bayek: That is no way to talk of a goddess.
  • Venator: If you are a guardian of Egypt, the country will surely be dead in moments.
  • Bayek: Keep talking, you'll soon find yourself without a head.
  • Venator: Did you stop by the brothel and see my handiwork?
  • Bayek: Your intimidation is sad. Come, let me give your ka a break.
  • Venator: You futuo (fuck)! You think you can change any of our plans?
  • Bayek: You will soon be dead. That is change enough for me.
  • Venator: Death to Cleo! We are the Gabinianis and Egypt is ours! OUUURAH!!!
    My warriors were thwarted, but I shall not be.
  • Bayek: Two axes isn't enough axes.
  • Venator: Let this queen die. The only dignity she has left, is death.
  • Bayek: If death requires dignity then allow me to decorate you, for you are the most decorated official.

Bayek eliminated Venator.

  • Bayek: Save a place in the Duat for your brother Septimius.

Leaving Venator, Bayek went to find Aya and the others. Apollodorus was wounded, but still standing.

  • Bayek: Hey, Old Man. Oh, are you injured?

Apollodorus grabbed Bayek's hand before he could touch him. Bayek chuckled.

  • Apollodorus: Just a flesh wound.

Aya shrugging off Bayek's embrace

Bayek turned his attention to Aya, who shrugged off his touch, too.

  • Bayek: Aya.
  • Aya: I am fine. Nothing hurts anymore.
  • Cleopatra: My mind is a riot. All I have is that I am pushed further, one more attempt to snuff me out.
  • Apollodorous: My Queen, rest and remember—
  • Cleopatra: I do not need rest. This civil war is no closer to ending. I need a fucking throne. My throne rots in the hands of my brother.
    Instruct Phoxidas to prepare my ship. We head to meet Pompey. My last resort.

Cleopatra commands Aya and Bayek to speak to Pompey.

She regarded Aya and Bayek.

  • Cleopatra: You two go ahead and tell him we are coming.
  • Aya: Yes, my Queen.

Aya bowed. Cleopatra and Apollodorus left. Aya turned to Bayek.

  • Aya: Bayek, if we don't get to Pompey first, Septimius might.

Bayek led Aya to the pier.

  • Aya: Appears those Gabinianis left us a felucca, kind of them.

Ayaand Bayek heading to Pompey's location

Bayek and Aya headed to the shores of Herakleion on the felucca.

  • Aya: Septimius is the shit-eater. He is the man we must escort to the Devourer.
  • Bayek: And of Pothinus?
  • Aya: He will be more fodder for the Devourer.
  • Bayek: And then we return home.
  • Aya: We will only return home with Cleopatra in our company, to show Siwans what has changed. What we have changed.
  • Bayek: How are things on your trireme?
  • Aya: Great. Phoxidas has entrusted me with—
  • Bayek: Why don't we take each other here?
  • Aya: In this reed boat?
  • Bayek: Take advantage of these rare moments between us, before your new job steals you away as savior of all of Egypt.
  • Aya: You make jokes but it is not funny. It is greatness I am after. This country is at civil war. One simply cannot deny it. Everywhere is misery.
  • Bayek: I love you, Aya. And we are Medjay. We do serve and protect, but we work alone. I share your hatred for Ptolemy. But remember: Cleopatra is a Ptolemy. She is the better of two evils.
  • Aya: We must serve greatness. What greatness do we serve now?
  • Bayek: We are parents.
  • Aya: We were parents.
    I love you, Bayek of Siwa. But what are you of now?

Aya and Bayek finding the camp with its soldiers dead

Bayek shut up after that, and they reached the shore in silence. As they approached the camp, the silence was broken.

  • Bayek: Death hangs in the air.
  • Aya: The stench is great. Getting familiar with rotten flesh.
  • Bayek: Are those bodies?
  • Aya: Gods! The Nile will run red for many moons.
  • Bayek: Osiris will be busy. These are Romans.
  • Aya: None of Ptolemy's neket iadets (pieces of shit)?
  • Bayek: No.
  • Aya: An unceremonious removal.
  • Bayek: Looks like we missed the boat.

Aya and Bayek finding Pompey's headless corpse

Bayek and Aya found Pompey's headless corpse.

  • Bayek: Septimius has beat us.
  • Aya: Funny how all great men are reduced to food for maggots.
    This is a cemetery for our ambitions.

Cleopatra and her entourage arrived.

  • Cleopatra: No, no, it can't be... Where is Caesar?
  • Aya: He has arrived in Alexandria. He is guarded heavily so there's—
  • Cleopatra: Bring me to him. I will get to Caesar if I have to drag myself through the sewers of the palace.


Bayek foiled the Gabiniani plot to assassinate Queen Cleopatra. After defeating Venator, he and Aya were sent to locate Pompey. They arrived to find that Order of the Ancients were one step ahead, and had killed Pompey, leading Cleopatra to resort to making an alliance with Julius Caesar.



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