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Waxworks was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Marie Tussaud tasked Arno to ensure that her assistants were safe and to assassinate Jean Lessard, a sans-culottes leader who was after her.


  • Tussaud: Arno! I need your help once more!
    The man who denounced me is furious that I've escaped the guillotine! He sent men to my shop to apprehend me, I dare not return there! Could you please go to my shop and make sure my assistants are safe? And please, please remove that horrid man.

Arno made his way to the shop.

  • Sans-culottes 1: Patience! That ol' bag will show up!
  • Sans-culottes 2: Pals around with the aristos, then makes their death masks!
  • Sans-culottes 3: Somebody's gonna have to make hers! When's she coming back? Come on, speak!
  • Assistant 1: She should've been back hours ago!
  • Assistant 2: Let us go, we don't know anything!
  • Sans-culottes 2: Sure, so you can warn her? Not likely.

Arno stole a letter written by Lessard from one of the sans-culottes.

  • Letter: "Keep watch over the shop. I'll take some men to her waxwork exhibition. She's sure to show up one place or the other and at last I'll exact my own measure of justice.
    --Jean Lessard"

Arno found a letter from Lessard to Tussaud.

  • Letter: "You escaped prison, but you cannot escape me. You flaunt your ties to the aristos and revel in your fancy gowns and refined airs, but I will never forget how you spurned me all those years ago!
    -- Jean Lessard"

Arno found Lessard at the exhibition, where he assassinated him. He then escaped the area.


Arno ensured the safety of Tussaud's staff, while also killing Lessard to end the threat he posed to her.


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