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This article is about Davenport Homestead resident. You may be looking for the Abstergo Industries scientist Warren Vidic.
"My wife is full with child, and resting in our warm home. The townsfolk are friendly, and the ground is generous in its yield. Not long ago, such things were only a dream for us."
―Warren to Connor.[src]-[m]

Warren was a farmer living on the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolutionary War, the husband of Prudence[1] and father of Hunter[2].


Meeting Connor[]

Warren and his wife were found by the Assassin Connor while they were being assaulted by British soldiers for not giving up the produce from their small farm in the Frontier and confusing them with rebels. Connor intervened to save the couple, then invited them to start a new farm on the Davenport Homestead, as their animals had been slaughtered and their land salted.[1]

Life on the Homestead[]

One day, soon after their relocation to the Homestead, Warren pleaded for Connor's help in finding Prudence, who had left to gather supplies that morning and had not returned by dusk. He commented that Prudence was obsessed with gathering evening primrose, and picked some nearly every night - a task that Warren said he would no longer tolerate after her disappearance.[3].

With Warren accompanying him, Connor tracked Prudence's path through the woods, and rescued her from an attacking bear. As he brought her back to Warren, Prudence revealed that they had been trying to have a child for "a long time now," and she was picking primrose to encourage fertility.[3]

Despite the traumatic event, Prudence soon became pregnant. With the couple expecting a child, Warren asked Connor to retrieve Dr. Lyle White, their previous doctor, to the Homestead from Boston.[4]

Get Me A Doctor 5

Warren and Prudence after the birth of their son

Nine months later, Connor came across Prudence in the woods, and discovered that she had gone into labor. In a desperate rush via horseback, Connor gathered both Lyle and Warren and brought the pair to Prudence's side, where Warren witnessed the birth of his son, Hunter.[2]

Later on, Warren and Prudence provided the food for the wedding of Norris and Myriam, and later celebrated with the other Homesteaders at the Mile's End.[5] Warren was also present at the funeral of Achilles Davenport, and laid a rose on his grave, while also conducting the signum crucis.[6]


  • Warren was a religious man, having conducted the Sign of the Cross during Achilles' funeral.
  • When Warren wished to give Prudence a gift, he went to the Mile's End, where Oliver suggested having Corrine create a squirrel-skin hat for her. However, Warren was reluctant, as he didn't think Prudence would enjoy having a wild animal skin on her head.
  • Warren greeted Connor with "Bonjour" in the Mile's End, indicating that he was from a French colony.
  • Warren gave assistance to Connor in the alternate reality created by an Apple of Eden, where he guided a cart of food to feed the starving people of an imperialistic New York.
  • Prudence and Warren's models were used again in Freedom Cry for Bastienne Josèphe and Augustin Dieufort, with minor alterations, such as clothing and skin tone.




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