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The Wardens of Wealth was one of five branches of the Order of the Ancients in Anglo-Saxon England, during the 870s, led by Tatfrid, one of the Five Maegesters under "The Father."[1]


The Wardens of Wealth was a branch of the Order of the Ancients during 9th century England. This branch was composed of members, who exploited their own political relationships, weapon-crafting artistry, monetary deposits, warfare knowledge, and religious ties to supply the Order with their needs of soldiers, money, weapons, recruits, and allies across England. By the 870s, the branch was led by Tatfrid.[1]

During the reign of Alfred the Great, the Order expanded their influence within England, especially in regions of Mercia and East Anglia. Their influence had seem to reach certain parts of England, such as Oxenefordscire, Grantebridgescire, and Lincolnscire. Soon after, when Sigurd Styrbjornsson and Eivor Varinsdottir arrived and settled in England,[2] Eivor was asked by Hytham and Basim Ibn Ishaq to look out for and assassinate members of the Order while securing alliances.

One of the alliances that Eivor pledged towards was with Grantebridgescire, where Vikings Soma and Guthrum needed help to regain their lost city of Grantebridge.[3] When Eivor arrived, she helped Soma regain her advisors[4] and set course to take back her city. At the retaking, Order member Wigmund taunted the Summer Army before Eivor broke the gate open.[5] After retaking the city, Soma and Eivor investigated how the first loss happened and, through Eivor's sleuthing, discovered that one of Soma's advisors, Galinn betrayed Soma and her clan.[6][7][8][9] After killing Galinn, Soma asked Eivor to join her on finally end Wigmund's presence in the region and Eivor agreed. With their forces combined, Eivor and Soma stormed the monastery and killed Wigmund.[10] Afterwards, the alliance was set and Eivor travelled back home to report to Randvi.[11]

While finding particular discoveries and executing the assassinations of The Ash-Spear in East Anglia, The Lathe and The Anvil in Oxenefordscire, and The Billhook in Lincolnscire, Eivor was given a clue, which gave the title, The Crozier, among other members of the Order once she finished renovating the Hidden Ones' bureau in Ravensthorpe.[12] When discussing alliances with Randvi, Eivor decided to pledge next to Lincolnscire, after an ealdorman's son, Hunwald, came to her home to meet with Eivor urgently about solving his issues back home in Lincoln.[13] Arriving in Lincolnscire, Eivor tasked herself to see over Hunwald and discover who the culprit was that was sending killers after him.[14] After discovering the death of his father, Ealdorman Hundbeorht, the nobles of Lincoln decided to hold a moot to choose the next ealdorman.[15] After talking and saving both Hunwald and Aelfgar from their respective ambush and attack,[16][17] Eivor joined the moot and was chosen to give the final vote in three-way tie.[18] Once Eivor voted for Hunwald and Abbess Acha read the results, the town hall celebrate over their new ealdorman. However, things turned sour once Bishop Herefrith left them to die by Anglo-Saxon soldiers as he revealed his ties to the Order. After killing the ambushers, Eivor and Hunwald, with help from Aelfgar, set out to find and kill Herefrith, who was hiding in a fort in Anecastre.[19] While during the siege of the fort, Eivor discovered that the bishop was hidden inside the fort's church. Breaking in through a glass window, Eivor came from above and then assassinated Herefrith. Afterwards, she secured an alliance with Hunwald and then relayed the good news back home to Randvi.[20]

After the demises of six Wardens of Wealth, Eivor put her findings together and this led to the discovery of the Wardens of Wealth's Maegester: Tatfrid, The Lyre. By 876, Tatfrid's location was revealed and that he was either playing or wandering around the marketplace of Grantebridge. Upon searching the area, Eivor located the Maegester and assassinated Tatfrid. Afterwards, Eivor returned to Hytham and gave him the medallions she took from the dead Wardens of Wealth.[21]


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