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The Wardens of Relics was one of five branches of the Order of the Ancients in Anglo-Saxon England, during the 870s, led solely by Paladin Fulke, one of the Five Maegesters under "The Father."[1]


The Wardens of Relics was a branch of the Order of the Ancients during 9th century England. This branch was composed of one member for an unknown period of time. Their trajectory pointed towards finding artifacts, people, or material that related to the true Gods they believed. From their findings, the strategies were designed to use these tools or descendants of the Gods for the Order's growth and sustainability. By the 870s, the branch had only one member, its Maegester, Paladin Fulke.[1]

During the reign of Alfred the Great, the Order expanded their influence within England, especially in regions of Wessex. Their presence had seem to reach certain parts of England, such as Oxenefordscire, Suthsexe, and Cent, and Wincestre. Soon after, when Sigurd Styrbjornsson and Eivor Varinsdottir arrived and settled in England,[2] Eivor was asked by Hytham and Basim Ibn Ishaq to look out for and assassinate members of the Order while securing alliances.

Eivor, unknowningly during her journey, freed Fulke, The Instrument, from the grasp of Lady Eadwyn in Oxenefordscire.[3] After helping Eivor take down Eadwyn, Fulke searched for her Saga Stone before King Aelfred arrived.[4] During Aelfred and Sigurd's conversation, Fulke interrupted them and revealed her betrayal, which led to Sigurd being detained in her care. When returing to report Randvi, Eivor then received a letter from Fulke, who revealed herself to be part of the Order.[5]

At one moment, Eivor, who pledged to Wincestre at the time, led herself to work alongside King Alfred, who was at odds with Fulke at the time.[6] After assassinating his three targets, The Gallows,[7] The Quill,[8], and The Seax,[9] Eivor, helped by The Seax's sister, Harriet, was led to The Seax's quarters, only to find another Temple of Mithras. Upon her investigation, Eivor recovered a letter sent by Fulke. The letter stated that the Maegester wanted and planned to kill Aelfred, as she figured out Aelfred was working against the Order with the Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ. However, her presence in this plan was not possible, most likely due to the large amounts of time with Sigurd.

Later, Eivor received from Basim to travel to Cent, as Basim tracked Fulke's whereabouts to Cent. Upon arrival, Eivor met with Basim and Abbot Cynebert and planned a deal.[10] The deal was to find the new ealdorman of Cent and have Cynebert meet and sweeten him up, in promise of meeting with Fulke. However, through a series of event, the plan changed to a fake kidnapping and rescue plot.[11] After planning and executing a siege, Eivor gave the new ealdorman to Cynebert but only for the ealdorman, Tedmund, to commit apparent suicide. However, Eivor did not relent and told Cynebert to hold his end of the deal.[12] However, Basim and Eivor later arrived to an ambush by Fulke. Fulke, taunting them, promised to take care of Sigurd as she left them with a dead Cynebert.[13] Eivor, overhearing Fulke's demand, escaped with Basim and headed to Canterbury Cathedral to find Sigurd and Fulke. However, a horrifed Eivor found Sigurd's arm and blood but Basim found that Fulke is hiding at Portcestre in Suthsexe. Eivor, sadden of the events, headed home to report back to Randvi.[14]

When pledging to Suthsexe, Eivor, along with her allies, planned to attack Fulke.[15] However, the beginning stage led to a setback and then Guthrum scolding and telling Eivor to strike at the right moment. Thus, Eivor weakened the supplies and killed men of Fulke and began to plan for the siege of Portcestre.[16][17][18][19]During the siege, Eivor searched the keep only to find more blood but no Sigurd.[20] Eivor then noticed Fulke running towards the fortress' church and followd her inside, with Basim. Sigurd, bloodied and faint, was left as Fulke escaped. Eivor ran after Fulke as Basim promised to tend to Sigurd. Eivor followed Fulke and then, after some choice words, began to fight the Maegester. Halfway in, Fulke fled with a smoke bomb, yet she was met by Eivor's forces. Nowhere to left to run, Fulke promised Eivor if she was going to die, she was taking Eivor with her. Nevertheless, Fulke was outmatched and died by Eivor's hands, ending the Warden of Relics' plans in England.[20]


The Maegester is marked with an asterisk. (*)



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