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The Wardens of Law was one of five branches of the Order of the Ancients in Anglo-Saxon England, during the 870s, led by Reeve Derby, one of the Five Maegesters under "The Father."[1]


The Wardens of Law was a branch of the Order of the Ancients during 9th century England. This branch was composed of members, who utilized their callousness, precision, organization skills, naval experience, and wisdom to regulate and uphold the tenets of their Order across England. By the 870s, the branch was led by Reeve Derby.[1]

During the reign of Alfred the Great, the Order expanded their influence within England, especially in regions of both Mercia and Northumbria. Their influence had seem to reach many parts of England, such as Jorvik, Eurviscire, Sciropescire, Glowecestrescire, and Ledecestrescire. Soon after, when Sigurd Styrbjornsson and Eivor arrived and settled in England,[2] Eivor was asked by Hytham and Basim Ibn Ishaq to look out for and assassinate members of the Order while securing alliances.

While dealing with particular discoveries and assassinating The Dart in Sciropescire, The Vellum in Glowecestrescire, and The Adze in Ledecestrescire, Hytham asked Eivor to go and check Jorvik, as news of the Order's hold on the region reached the Hidden Ones from the unknown ally, "Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ."[3] When Eivor arrived, she met with her old friends, Ljufvina Bjarmarsdottir and Hjorr Halfsson, who helped her unravel the Order's hidden members in Jorvik, especially during its upcoming Yuletide festival. Unknown to the public and even her dear friends, Eivor had then discovered two identities of the Order members who operated under the cryptonyms of The Firebrand[4] and The Needle,[5] who were responsible for the destruction of religious texts, illegal control of the market, and murder. After Eivor's assassinations of these two Wardens of Law, Eivor then set her sight on discovering The Vault, who had plans to poison guests at the Yuletide Festival. Upon discovery, Eivor saw The Vault reveal himself as he poisoned honored nobles and other guests. To prevent more damage and deaths, Eivor then assassinated The Vault, ending his chaos in Jorvik.[6]

After the demises of six Wardens of Law, Eivor put her findings together and this led to the discovery of the Wardens of Law's Maegester: Reeve Derby, The Vice. By 874, Reeve Derby's location was found out to be in a village, Picheringa, in Eurviscire, near a waterfall. Upon searching the area, Eivor located the Maegester and assassinated the reeve. Afterwards, Eivor returned to Hytham and gave him the medallions she took from the dead Wardens of Law.[7]


The Maegester is marked with an asterisk. (*)



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