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The Wardens of Faith was one of five branches of the Order of the Ancients in Anglo-Saxon England, during the 870s, led by Sister Blaeswith, one of the Five Maegesters under "The Father."[1]


The Wardens of Faith was a branch of the Order of the Ancients during 9th century England. This branch was composed of members, who meddled in the religious affairs and political relationships of England, in order to garner recruits to their cause. Some members took on the cloth, despite their beliefs of the true Gods, and controlled the hearts, the minds, and the lives of the constituents in their grasp. Some members hid in plain sight and used their occupations to take care of any opponents against the Order, permanently. Methods, such as utilizing children to steal or spy or food poisoning, were used to keep an eye everywhere or dispatch of opponents definitely. By the 870s, the branch was led by Sister Blaeswith.[1]

During the reign of Alfred the Great, the Order expanded their influence within England, especially in regions of Wessex. Their influence had seem to reach certain parts of England, such as Essexe, Suthsexe, Cent, Wincestre, and Hamtunscire. Soon after, when the Vikings Sigurd Styrbjornsson and Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan arrived and settled in England,[2] Eivor was asked by Hytham and Basim Ibn Ishaq to look out for and assassinate members of the Order while securing alliances.

Executing the assassinations of The Bell in Suthsexe, The Oil in Hamtunscire, and The Sickle in Essexe, Eivor eliminated three Wardens of Faith and ended their influences in the area.[3] Eivor soon met and catch up with Hytham, who told Eivor to confer with Randvi on pledging towards Wincestre, as the "Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ" contacted them once again about three more targets. Eivor pledged towards Wincestre to meet a "man in white." Arriving at The Old Minster, Eivor soon became shocked as she met and chatted with King Aelfred reluctantly. Despite some unpleasantries, Eivor agreed to help Aelfred get rid of the conspirators attempting to kill him.[4]

Eivor, with Aelfred's information, had discovered two of the Order members, The Gallows[5] and The Quill,[6] were responsible for unlawful arrests and seizures, immoral executions, slander, and the child abuse for a criminal enterprise. After assassinating these two conspirators, Eivor had to confirm The Seax's "untimely" death. Through her investigation, Eivor figured out that The Seax faked his death and planned to kill Aelfred at the Witan. Sneaking into the Witan, Eivor waited for the right opportunity and then assassinated The Seax once he revealed himself. Thus, Eivor ended the conspiracy to kill King Aelfred and ended the Order's presence in Wincestre.[7]

After the demises of six Wardens of Faith, Eivor totaled her findings and led herself to the discovery of the Wardens of Faith's Maegester: Sister Blaeswith, The Rake. By 877, Blaeswith's location was revealed to be the St Martin's Church in Canterbury. Upon searching the area, Eivor located the Maegester and assassinated Sister Blaeswith, eliminating the last of the Wardens of Faith. Afterwards, Eivor returned to Hytham and gave him the medallions she took from the dead Wardens of Faith.[3]


The Maegester is marked with an asterisk. (*)



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