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This article is about Leonardo da Vinci's inventions. You may be looking for war machines used in Den Defense.
"War machines. I have constructed weapons for all the Borgia guards and other terrible monstrosities besides."
―Leonardo da Vinci.[src]
Hell on Wheels 7

Ezio and two mercenaries by the tank

The War Machines were four mechanical devices designed by Leonardo da Vinci for the Borgia forces during the early 16th century.[1]

Each could be found in cities or towns across Italy, outside of Rome. In order to severely reduce the Borgia's military strength, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze burned each of the machines' blueprints, as well as commandeered and destroyed the machines themselves.

In order to locate the war machines, Ezio assassinated each of the projects' overseers and obtained a map with the location of a weapons facility. Then, upon arriving at the city or town in which it was being built, he interrogated the weapon's engineer. After burning the plans, Ezio stole the weapon itself, and used it to destroy Borgia weapons and war supplies, before destroying the machine and returning to Rome.

Machine Gun[]

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Outgunned 10

Ezio using the machine gun

The chariot machine gun was a technologically advanced weapon consisting of a rapid firing cannon placed on a horse-drawn chariot. This dangerously powerful machine was perfect for chases, as well as surprise attacks, due to its fast firing and mobility.

In order to destroy the machine, Ezio traveled to Colli Albani. After sneaking past the guards, Ezio located the blueprints of the machine and burned them, before he then located the machine gun itself and destroyed it by igniting a few barrels of gunpowder that were lying beside it.

However, no sooner had he done so, another machine gun emerged out of a stable, the horses drawing it being driven by a guard. Ezio quickly mounted a horse and set off in pursuit of the machine, and, dodging bullets and overcoming obstacles, Ezio was finally able to jump aboard the war machine and take control of it.

As Ezio escaped, Borgia guards on horseback pursued the Assassin, and with no other choice, Ezio took control of the machine gun to fend off his attackers. After successfully doing so, Ezio separated the chariot housing the machine gun from the horses, and ignited the barrels of gunpowder present on the chariot, destroying the machine once and for all.


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Flying Machine 2

Ezio using the Bomber

An advanced version of the flying machine, the bomber fundamentally worked the same as its predecessor, with the exception of an incendiary cannon installed on top of the wings. This cannon allowed the user to both attack, and to create fires to lift themselves back up into the air.

To destroy the bomber, Ezio went to the small town of Valnerina and interrogated the weapons engineer. With the plan's location, Ezio infiltrated the fortress where the machine was being kept, avoided the guards, and burned the plans.

He then found the tower on top of which the bomber resided, and after stealthily climbing the structure, the Assassin commandeered the bomber. Flying high over Valnerina, Ezio proceeded to burn four Borgia workshops that were being used to produce similar bombers.

After doing so, Ezio noticed a courier attempting to warn Cesare Borgia of the destruction. With this, the Assassin quickly eliminated the courier, and then directed the bomber straight towards a tower. From there, Ezio jumped from the machine at the last moment, allowing the bomber to crash.

Naval Cannon[]

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Loose Cannon 7

Ezio using the Naval Cannon

The naval cannon was a modified gondola which carried a gun that shot fireballs. The speed and small size of the weapon made it a difficult target, while the powerful cannon could damage and destroy even the largest ships. While the weapon needed two people to properly work it, one to row it and the other to man the cannon, Ezio, however, managed to use it alone, alternating between firing the cannon and rowing the gondola.

Arriving at the docks of Naples, Ezio found the engineer of the weapon, Eduardo. After Ezio confronted the engineer, Eduardo chose to assist the Assassin willfully. Piloting a gondola, Eduardo led Ezio through a secret tunnel to the dry dock where the machine was being held.

Ezio quickly dispatched the guards and burnt the blueprints of the machine, before flooding the dry dock and taking control of the naval cannon. Once Ezio navigated the cannon into the open waters, he saw several Templar ships sailing nearby, and the Assassin then used the naval cannon to destroy the four warships, before aiming the cannon at its own mechanism and setting it off.


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Hell on Wheels 10

Ezio destroying an enemy tank

The most powerful weapon made by Leonardo, and the centerpiece of the Borgia army, the tank was a mobile cannon platform with wooden armor that could shoot in several directions. Thanks to its strong armor, the tank could not be severely damaged by bullets, and could also resist several cannon balls before being destroyed. This power came with a price, as a crew of at least three people was needed to use the weapon.

When Ezio arrived at Monte Circeo, he found the engineer of the weapon and his bodyguard. Ezio followed them to a heavily guarded factory, before infiltrating it and interrogating the engineer.

The engineer told him the location of the machine's blueprints, as well as of a group of captured mercenaries that could help him operate the machine. Once the plans were burnt and the mercenaries freed, Ezio and his "crew" fought past several guards and ventured into a series of caverns.

At the end of the passage, the Assassin found the tank and used it to battle his way to the factory. After entering the factory, Ezio and his crew faced two enemy tanks, and once the opposition was destroyed, Ezio used a mounted cannon to destroy the machine he had been using.


  • Every one of Leonardo's machines in the game had infinite ammunition.
  • When Ezio arrived in Rome, a herald could be heard announcing the exhibition of the "war machines of Maestro da Vinci" to the crowd.
  • In the tank memory, Ezio destroyed his own tank with only one cannon ball, even though it took several shots to destroy it during the battle.
  • In the Naval Cannon memory, the Cannon had some seconds of delay before firing on itself in the final cutscene, though it fired near-instantly in gameplay.
  • A miniature replica of each one of the machines could be found at the Tiber Island headquarters after completing their memories.
  • When replaying a war machine memory, parachutes were disabled, since they were given to Ezio after all of the war machine memories were completed.
  • Near to the blueprints of the war machine, a wanted poster offering 50,000 florins to those who find Ezio could be seen.
  • In the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood novel, there were no fully functioning war machines. Leonardo told Ezio that he drew the designs with intentional flaws, so no one other than him could construct them correctly, and thus get them to work as intended.
    • These designs also included a chariot with scythes on the front and the back of the wheels.



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