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Wang Dechen (1222 – 1259) was the most trusted general of Möngke Khan.


In 1259, he was a commander of the Siege of Diaoyu Castle, during the Mongol Conquest of the Song Dynasty.

After the failed assault on the Xin Dong Gates, Wang Dechan called upon any able-bodied Mongol, including Bayan, to join him in a second beleaguer at the Hu Guo Gates under the cover of darkness, looking to add a new stealthy approach to their siege, in an effort to catch the Song forces unaware with a night raid. When the Horde arrived, Wang Dechen silently led the way through the terrain, until they reached the fortress' walls. He ordered the throwers to toss their hooks and lines on the top of the walls to climb it, while the rest were ordered to stay alert for any Song watchman. Bayan's unit climbed up first, but it was interrupted by a hail of arrows that were being shot from within the darkness of the forest. Wang Dechan commanded Bayan to use his troops to drive back the Song archers to give the Mongols time to climb up the wall. Bayan obeyed which led to his confrontation with a formidable veteran Song commander, but in the middle of the raid, General Wang Dechen was fatally wounded by an explosion from the Song force's canon fire, forcing the Mongols to retreat with their fallen general.

Wang Dechen was taken back to their encampment southeast of the fortress, where a shaman attended to his wounds, until Möngke Khan appeared and ordered his men to take him to a temple at Jin Yun. He succumbed to his wounds shortly after.



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