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Wamukota was an Egyptian gladiator who, alongside Kosey, fought under the services of Thanasis during the 1st century BCE.


In 47 BCE in the Green Mountains, Wamukota and Kosey were accompanied by their trainer Egidio on their journey to Cyrene's gladiator arena. During the journey, they were attacked by a group of bandits when they were resting. While Egidio managed to flee, Wamukota was captured and unbeknownst to him, the bandits were allies of Kosey, who gave him a horse and helped him to escape from the services of Thanasis. Wamukota was later brought to a hideout in the mountains.[1]

Sometime thereafter, the Medjay, Bayek, freed him from the hideout, having been sent by Thanasis to rescue his gladiators. Wamukota directed Bayek to the lake in the mountain where Kosey had supposedly fled to, before leaving to patch up his wounds before moving on to Cyrene. Later, Wamukota returned to Thanasis outside the gladiator arena, where he informed his master of Kosey's whereabouts.[1]


  • Wamukota is a name of African origin, meaning 'left-handed'.



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