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Wallace was an Anglo-Saxon tanner who lived in Ravensthorpe during the 9th century. He was the younger adopted brother of the huntress Petra, whose family adopted the former when he was a baby.


While Wallace's original family is unknown, he is found by Petra's family which a white elk showed them a baby in the forest. Later on Wallace has been adopted by Petra's family and grown into a tanner.

He continued his tanning skills in Ravensthorpe, after Eivor opened for him and Petra a Hunter's Hut. Wallace was buying any good animal material that can be used for crafting, or just for trophies acquired from legendary animals.

After sometime Wallace got lost in the woods, which Petra asked Eivor for her assistance to find Wallace.[1] After hours of venture with mushroom illusions, it is been found out that Wallace was camped near to the Roman Ruins with loads of goods but mushrooms he found for his soup had made an uneasy effect over him. He found himself in a weird condition when he woke up and returned to the village to take new clothes to wear. With a laugh, he leaved Petra and Eivor and returned to the village to continue his job.