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Wait Times was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Following the return of the Aquila from the Battle of the Chesapeake, Dr. Lyle White was swamped with wounded men, to which he sent Connor out to find help.


  • Sailor 1: Doctor! You need to help me!
  • White: You won't lose your leg, that much I can promise you. But it will hurt some for a time longer.
    Looks worse than it is, just keep it clean and you should be fine.
    Connor! I simply can't get to all these men in reasonable time. I need help. From you, from anyone!
  • Connor: I think I have someone for you.

Connor sought Diana out.

  • Connor: Diana. Come with me. I need your help.
  • Diana: Of course. What's the matter?
  • Connor: Dr. White is overwhelmed and needs some extra hands.
  • Diana: I'm no doctor, Connor.
  • Connor: Maybe not, but I have seen you care for people before. You have the way of it.

Connor returned to White with Diana.

  • White: Diana! Perfect. I'm told you have a healer's hand. Please see to this young man. Connor, if you could help the two gentlemen out front.

Connor helped several sailors.

Wait Times 3

Connor helping one of the sailors

  • Sailor 2: Thanks, skip. Good of you to help. I should be alright.
  • Sailor 3: Many thanks, cap'n.
  • Sailor 4: That's a spot better, sir. Thanks.
  • Sailor 5: Caught a piece of shrapnel in the shoulder. Bad luck. Thank you, captain.
  • Sailor 6: Caught some burns off a rope. It happens. Thanks, skipper.

After helping the crewmates, Connor returned to Diana and White.

  • White: You did well, Connor. But Diana, you impressed me greatly.
  • Diana: Well thank you, doctor. I haven't studied the practice or anything.
  • White: Maybe not, but your instincts are superb and you have a healer's touch. If you had the time, I would be grateful for your help on more regular basis.
  • Diana: Might be Catherine could watch the young ones a few days a week.
  • White: And if she can't, we'll find someone who will.


The Aquila's crew was healed, and Diana became White's assistant.



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