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Impaler 1

Ezio entering the prison

Vlad the Impaler's Prison was a prison located outside the borders of Constantinople, where the head and sword of Vlad Tepes were entombed in 1476, upon the order of the Sultan Mehmet II, following Vlad's death at the hands of the Ottoman Assassin Ishak Pasha.

In 1511, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze traveled to Constantinople, and after learning about the prison from a book in Sofia Sartor's book shop, took to the sewers from an entrance in the side of the city's bordering walls to a secret prison outside of Constantinople. Once there, he traversed many freerunning obstacles in order to claim Vlad's sword from his coffin, a weapon once rumored to be able to defeat any foe.[1]




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