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(We gladly consume those who would subdue us – but I have failed)"
―Vitus's final remarks[src]

Vitus was a Roman Hidden One Magister who operated in the province of Britannia during the 5th century.


Shortly after the death of Emperor Honorius in 423 CE, Vitus wrote to his brethren who were stationed at a bureau in Leicester, England, warning them that Britain would be imminently unstable due to the local tribes who harbored ill sentiments towards the Hidden Ones and their mission having filled the power vacuum left by the departing Roman legions. Reasoning that it would be better to restart the branch later than to suffer the loss of its members to unnecessary bloodshed, he ordered that the letter's recipient immediately evacuate and move their headquarters to the German city of Cologne and join forces with the local chapter.[1]

In the final entry of his journal before he left the Londinium bureau, Vitus came to the conclusion that the Hidden Ones were to blame for the Empire's retreat from Britannia and for the Dark Age that would result from the Roman departure. Using the metaphor of construction, Vitus realized that by "scratching the pillars" and "weakening the foundation" of the Empire in their fight against tyranny, the Hidden Ones had inadvertently made the "roof" collapse.[1]


Centuries later, his notes and personal set of armor were acquired by the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan. While his fate was generally unknown, Eivor found his final resting place in an unmarked covered well after following cryptic pictograms left on the Dover Pharos and the Dover Fortress.[2]