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Vittorio (died c. 1506) was an undercover agent of the Roman Rite of the Templar Order who operated with the Crows, a secret organization created by Cesare Borgia to hunt down Assassins by replicating their techniques.


During one rainy night around 1506, he, another fellow agent, and a force of Borgia soldiers took over the Basilica of Santa Croce by force, occupying its courtyard. A priest from the cathedral, Father Pio alerted Niccolò Machiavelli of the Assassins, who accordingly sent one of his agents, Lo Sparviero to investigate.[1]

When Lo Sparviero discovered that a Crow messenger was due to deliver a missive to contact in the courtyard, he decided that he would exchange the messenger's letter for a false one written by the Assassins. To do so, he needed to ensure that the messenger did not reach his destination before he retrieved the forged letter, and he predicted that sowing turmoil within the courtyard would accomplish just that.[2]

Lo Sparviero therefore entered the courtyard and killed Vittorio in broad view before all his guards. The assassination sent the cathedral into a frenzy; in their shock, the guards were unable to act quickly enough to prevent the Assassin's swift escape.[2] As the Templars scrambled to recompose themselves, they forbade the messenger from entering the courtyard for his own safety.[1]

Thus, Vittorio's death successfully served as a diversion for Lo Sparviero, allowing the Assassin time to retrieve a forged letter from a nearby pigeon coop, then return to intimidate the messenger into exchanging the letters. Through the recovered Borgia letter, a summoning call for all Crows to Rome, the Assassins were able to locate the Crow's leader, Sirus Favero and assassinate him.[2]


  • Vittorio shares the same character model as common mercenaries.


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