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This article is about the person. You may be looking for the state Virginia.

Virginia was a British woman living and working in London in the mid-nineteenth century.

In 1868, Virginia worked as an assistant in a London university, working with Professors Byng, Silas and Wilson. Through her work, she also met Emmett Byng, the son of the professor, with whom she became engaged. Professor Byng, however, believed Virginia to be after the inheritance Emmett would get upon his death, and wrote to his attorney to have the will ammended.

When Byng was murdered, Virginia was questioned by the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye. When informed about the proposed change to the will, Virginia expressed her regret at such an action, immediately asking whether they knew if the change had actually been made or not. When confronted with a receipt the Frye twins had found elsewhere in the university building, Virginia confessed to occasionally buying cadavers from Beswick for research purposes.


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