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This article is about the Italian Assassin. For other uses, see Vincenzo.
"Vincenzo, it seems only yesterday we trained together."
Perotto Calderon facing Vincenzo in battle.[src]

Vincenzo (died March 1498) was a member of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins during the 15th century.


In 1498, Vincenzo was based in Agnadello in order to protect the Shroud, a Piece of Eden in the Order's possession. He and a group of his Brothers were sent to stop their fellow Assassin Perotto Calderon from reaching the Shroud, which Perotto intended to use for his own purposes.[1]

Vincenzo faced off against Perotto, who attempted to simply wound and deter Vincenzo, as Perotto remembered the times when they had trained together. When Vincenzo refused to hold back, however, Perotto was forced to kill him instead.[1]