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Vilified was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


After the Borgia began to lay siege to Monteriggioni, Ezio Auditore made his way to the city's walls and began to defend Monteriggioni with cannons, in an effort to secure the townspeople's escape.


Ezio and Caterina Sforza lay in bed together in the Villa Auditore.

  • Caterina: Ready to go again?
  • Ezio: You don't need to ask.
  • Caterina: One should always have the freedom to choose.

The two kissed, though Caterina soon heard an unusual noise.

  • Caterina: Shhh. What's that?
  • Ezio: Probably just training exercises.

Right then, a cannonball smashed through the wall of the Villa on one side of Ezio's bedroom. Alerted by the near miss, Ezio jumped out of bed and quickly dressed himself in light clothing, equipping himself with a sword and one of his Hidden Blades.

  • Ezio: Merda! (Shit!) I have to find Mario and rally the troops.
  • Caterina: My men are in the courtyard. I aim to lead them around back and flank our attackers.
  • Ezio: Stay out of sight.

Ezio jumped out of the gaping hole in his room and climbed to the roof to assess the situation. However, Ezio fell from the roof as he narrowly dodged another cannonball, which smashed into the tiles where he had been standing. From there, Mario helped him to his feet.

Ezio talking with Mario

  • Mario: It's the Borgia.
  • Ezio: How did we not see this?
  • Mario: They must have massed to the east during the night. We need to hold them off until the townspeople have escaped.
  • Ezio: I will take care of it.
  • Mario: Use the cannons above the ramparts. I intend to lead a frontal assault.
  • Ezio: Do you have it?
  • Mario: I am keeping it safe. The Borgia must not be allowed to breach the walls until everyone is safely away. Insieme per la vittoria! (We stand together!)
  • Ezio: Insieme. (Together.) Uncle... be careful.
  • Mario: I will.

Ezio jumped from the training yard of the Villa onto a horse at the foot of the stairway. He then rode through the city as it was bombarded by cannon fire, dodging the fleeing townspeople.

  • Woman 1: My children. Where are my children?!
  • Man 1: Where are we going?
  • Child: My mother. I can't find my mother.
  • Woman 2: Aiuto! Aiuto! (Help me! Help me!)
  • Man 2: Oh God. Where are you, Marcello?!
  • Woman 3: Run! Run!

A wall fell across Ezio's path as he approached the front gate, killing his horse, though he managed to jump off in time. Following this, the Assassin climbed up to the battlements and ran towards the cannons.

Ezio destroying the enemy cannons

  • Mercenary 1: Signor Auditore, thank God! We must hold them back until the villagers escape!
  • Ezio: Load the cannon.
  • Mercenary 1: Aim for the cannons, Signore (Sir)!
    Destroy their cannons, Signore (Sir)!
    We have lost everything.
    Fire at them!
    Aim carefully, we can't withstand this attack much longer!
    Please, save us,
    Signore (Sir).
    If they breach the walls, all our people will die. My family will die.
    Nearly half the townspeople have made it out!
    They're destroying us!
    Pater Noster, qui es coelies, sanctificeteur nomen tourn–
    (Our Father, who art in heaven, blessed be thy name–)
    Reload. Reload! Aahhh!

The cannon operator next to Ezio was killed, and Ezio's own cannon was destroyed. With this in mind, he switched over to the other cannon.

  • Mercenary 2: He's dead, Signore (Sir)!
  • Ezio: Keep loading the cannon.
  • Mercenary 2: Some townspeople still haven't escaped! Keep going!
    Almost all the townspeople are outside the walls!
    You have saved them! ...Wait. Soldiers are climbing the walls!
    Signore (Sir), forget the cannons. You must stop them! Go! I will carry on here!

Ezio ran along the battlements towards the attackers that had breached the walls.

  • Soldier 1: Show no mercy!
  • Soldier 2: No one shall be spared! Take this town for the Borgia!

Ezio killed the Borgia soldiers on the walls and looked towards the city gate.

  • Man: They're breaching the gate!

Mario collapsing at Cesare's feet

Mario staggered through the gate and collapsed. Behind him were Cesare Borgia, Lucrezia Borgia, Juan Borgia the Elder, Octavian de Valois, Micheletto Corella and a group of soldiers. While Cesare sheathed his sword, Caterina and Mario were taken captive. Subsequently, as Ezio ran for the gate along the rooftops, arquebusiers took aim at him.

  • Cesare: I know you're there, Ezio. The Pope told me about you and your little group of Assassins... and this.

Cesare held up the Apple of Eden, before signaling over to Octavian.

  • Cesare: Give me the gun his friend fashioned for us. We've had too much bloodshed. I think a cleansing is in order. So, consider this an invitation, from my family... to yours.

Simultaneously, Ezio was shot as he witnessed Cesare kill Mario, to which he fell to the street from the shock and his injury.


As a result of the siege, Mario was executed, Ezio was shot and badly wounded, and Caterina was taken captive. To make matters worse, Cesare reclaimed the Apple of Eden in the Assassins' possession for himself, and Monteriggioni was left in ruins.


  • This memory was featured in the E3 2010 demo of Brotherhood.



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