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Vili Hemmingson was a Viking warrior who lived in Snotinghamscire during the late 9th century. He was the son of jarl Hemming[1] and the childhood best friend of Eivor Varinsdottir.


Little was known about Vili Hemmingson, however it was known that he and his fellow Viking Eivor knew each other since childhood, in Norway. Afterwards, Vili traveled to England alongside his father, due to limited resources and continuous war, and made their place at Snotinghamscire. As Hemming's son, Vili was more of a drengr than leader during their time in the shire, opposed to what most thought he would be.[2]

The Tale of Two Jarls

Vili found himself leading his clan's forces during a siege against the Picts at Ulkerthorpe Fort. However, Vili saw and met with his childhood friend, Eivor, again. Vili was aided by his friend, as both led warriors against the Picts. After fighting and defeating the Picts, Vili remained on the grounds of the fort, while his father met with Eivor atop the fort's tower.[2]

Catching up with Eivor, Vili remembers his childhood with Eivor as they ride to Kinder Downfall. However, Vili and Eivor caught sight of smoke coming from Stoneburgh and rode to see the situation. Seeing Trygve, Vili and Eivor arrived at the burning settlement and agreed to help rescue the villagers from the attack of the Picts. After saving those they could, Vili and Eivor conferred with Trygve as Vili admitted that he was not going to be bothered with aiding the injured and headed Kinder Downfall.[3]

Vili talks with Eivor at Kinder Downfall

Vili was singing underneath Kinder Downfall, while Eivor found and spent time discussing Hemming's illness. Admittingly, Vili stated that he was reluctant to ascend to leadership and wanted to raid and be a drengr. During their talks, Vili and Eivor were soon disturbed by a Hemmingsons warrior, who detailed that Vili's father was near death as he grew more ill. Racing back to Hemthorpe, Vili and Eivor joined Trygve as a bedridden Hemming saw both warriors together. At Hemming's bedside, Vili held his father's hand as Hemming stated how proud he was of Vili before succumbing to his illness.[3]

Vili joined Trygve, Eivor, and Sunniva at Odin's Rest, as Hemming's funeral pyre was being prepared. Vili took his leave after Trygve as he wanted to obtain a gift for his late father.[3] Later, as Eivor met with Vili about marking the Raven Clan's gift, Vili mentioned of an exiled craftsman as he went to find his father's lost spear.[4] However, a brief argument occurred between Vili and Trygve as time passed. Vili denied Trygve's desire to die as part of Hemming's funeral service. With Eivor's counsel, Vili made his peace with Trygve's decision as the funeral neared closer.[5]

Vili initiated the funeral ceremony for his father, Hemming Jarl

Time passed as Vili took lead of trespassing Picts in the area. At the Odin Mine Hideout, Vili was fighting against the Picts until he defeated them with the help of his friend, Eivor. Together, both Vili and Eivor escaped the incoming reinforcements and found themselves safe at Odin's Hovel. After a brief exchange of words, Vili shared his feelings of wanting to be free from his possible duty of jarl and continue his life on his own terms. After some recollection, both Vili and Eivor rested at the hovel until day came and Vili left to start the funeral.[5]

Vili started the funeral after Eivor placed her gift on the pyre with an eulogy to his father. After the eulogy finished, the seer came with a torch and gave it to Vili, who lit the pyre and sent his father to Valhalla. Quickly afterwards, Vili took part of the Althing in Hemthorpe and found himself in the next part of his journey, in part to Eivor's advice and wisdom. After the Althing, Vili remained assured of his friendship with Eivor and continued his path forward.[6]

Battle of Chippenham

In 878, Vili became one of the allies that came and aided Eivor, Soma, and Guthrum during the Battle of Chippenham. Afterwards, after winning the battle, Vili was one of attendees of the funeral service for his fallen fellow warriors, Hunwald, Soma, and Hjorr Halfsson.[7]

Behind the scenes

Vili is a romanceable character in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. Vili's role in the game depends on the player's choice of Snotinghamscire's next jarl, whether he would be a successor or accompany Eivor on her longship as a fellow raider. However, this decision also relied on the player's choice on Trygve's fate.



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