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Vikings were Norse people mainly from Scandinavia, who from the late 8th century to the early 11th century, raided and traded with their neighboring countries. This period of time (793–1066), eventually became known as the Viking Age.


In 793, during the Lindisfarne raid, a Viking raider fought against and defeated a Saxon warrior, whom he then offered the chance to join his clan. However, the Saxon was overcome by grief, crying out that God had abandoned his people and that nothing remained but chaos. Feeling pity for him, the Viking raider killed him without a second thought.[1]

Nearly a century later in 873, the Vikings returned to Great Britain to expand. One such Viking was Eivor, later affiliate of the Hidden Ones. They were met with opposition from King Alfred of Wessex.[2]

Another century later in around 984, the Viking Assassin and skald Þórvaldr Hjaltason participated in the Battle of Fýrisvellir against Styrbjörn the Strong.[3]



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