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The Viking expansion is the process in which the Vikings sailed most of the North Atlantic, looting, pillaging, and settling as they went. The Viking expansion also saw the deaths of many influential members of the Order of the Ancients in northern Europe at the hands of Eivor Varinsdottir and the Order slowly faced extinction.[1] The so-called Viking Age lasted from 793, with the Lindisfarne raid, until 1066, with the defeat of king Harald of Norway by Saxon king Harold Godwinson.[2]

Britain and Ireland


The earliest known Viking raid was at Lindisfarne, on 6 January 793. During the raid, an unidentified Viking raider fought against and defeated a Saxon warrior, whom he then offered the chance to join his clan. However, the Saxon, overcome with grief, cried out that God had abandoned his people and that nothing remained but chaos. Pitying him, the Viking raider killed the Saxon without a second thought.[3]

Nearly a century later during the 870s, the Vikings returned to Great Britain to expand. One such Viking was Eivor Varinsdottir, an ally of the Hidden Ones and member of the Raven Clan. She was met with opposition from King Alfred of Wessex, but succeed in this endeavor and raided several coastal monasteries, including Evesham Abbey along the Awry River in Oxenefordscire, Linforda near the Great Ouse River, and the Sancta Maria's Abbey on the Ver River in Essexe.[1]


Viking activity continued into Ireland during the 9th century. A group of Vikings attacked Áed Findliath, the king of Ailech and High King of Ireland before sailing to attack Northumbria.[4] Following the Battle of Chippenham, Eivor of the Raven Clan would travel to Ireland.[5]

European mainland


The territories of Francia were heavily raided upon during the 9th century. In 845, Paris was besieged by Vikings under the command of Ragnar Lothbrok.[6] The siege ended with victory going to the Vikings who proceeded to plunder and occupy the city before leaving with 7,000 livres worth of silver and gold.[7] The peace did not last long as nearly forty years later the city was besieged again, this time by Rollo with the assistance of Eivor, who had traveled from England.[8] The result of this siege saw the defending Franks victorious as the Vikings left with 700 livres of silver as they continued raiding into Burgundy.[9]

North Atlantic

North America

By the Early Middle Ages, Vikings had traveled as far as North America. The earliest recorded Viking explorer to reach North America was Leif Ericson, reaching L'Anse aux Meadows. According to Viking myths and sagas, Ericson founded a colony there in the area known as Vinland, otherwise known as Saint Brendan's Island. They also discovered what is now Newfoundland.[10]

During a fight, one Viking's sword was broken and its fragments scattered throughout the northeast region of North America, including what would become New York City, the Hudson River Valley, and the islands of the North Atlantic.[11]



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