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This article is about the military engagement. You may be looking for the manhua chapter.

The Viking Capture of York was a military engagement between the Saxons and the Vikings in the town of York in Northumbria, during the Viking conquest of England.


On 1 November 866, while King Ælla of Northumbria attended mass at the York Minster during the All Saints' Day festival, the Great Heathen Army under the command of Ivarr the Boneless attacked York.[1] A soldier who witnessed the arrival of the Northern hoard burst into the church to warn the king, who calmly asked about their numbers. Hearing there were about a hundred Vikings attacking, he ordered his chief of guards to behead the heathens and have their head hung on the city walls.[2]

Viking warriors Björn and Ulf Stensson complained that the battle against the Northumbrian soldiers were easier than the wolves in Norway when the chief of guards appeared and began to fight the brothers, almost gaining the upper hand at times, but being ultimately defeated by them.[2]

Ælla abandoned his people and escaped the city when he saw they were losing, and Ivarr claimed York Minster. It was there he declared to the army they were replacing the rulers of the land and staying there, as the Anglo-Saxons did before them.[2]



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