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Vietnam is a Southeast Asian jungle country situated on the eastern coast of Indochina.


On 2 January 1963, during the Vietnam War, a group of Assassins led by Boris Pash assisted in the war effort of the United States and South Vietnam. The cell, known as Bloodstone Unit, boarded a helicopter at the Tân Hiệp US military base. Their mission was to pick up Pash north of Ấp Bắc. Despite the expertise of their pilot, Zenia, the cell was forced to perform an emergency landing when troops of the Viet Cong began firing. While Julia Gorm dispatched soldiers outside, Alekseï Gavrani and others were interrogating Cooper, a Templar who had infiltrated the US military. However, the door suddenly opened and Julia threw a straight knife to the neck of Muller, another Templar agent. The unnecessary violence angered Gavrani.[1]

Later, back at homebase, Gavrani and Zenia walked together, while Gavrani expressed his uneasiness with Pash's method's of interrogation. Pash, overhearing this, dismissed Gavrani for being weak-willed.[1]



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