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Vietnam, known as Annam (安南) in the 8th century, is a Southeast Asian jungle country situated on the eastern coast of Indochina.


During the 1960s the island of Hòn Mê in the Gulf of Tonkin was the home to the base of operations for the Bloodstone Unit, a group of Assassins led by Boris Pash. On 2 January 1963, during the Vietnam War, the cell assisted in the war effort of the United States and South Vietnam. They boarded a helicopter at the Tân Hiệp US military base, with their mission to take part in a communication operation involving the CIA, United States Army and South Vietnamese Army. Despite the expertise of their pilot, Zenia, the cell was forced to perform an emergency landing when troops of the Viet Cong began firing.[1]

On 2 November of the same year, Boris Pash arrived in Saigon, having manipulating the CIA into staging a coup against Templar-backed President of South Vietnam Ngô Đình Diệm, unknowingly provoking a domino effect in the region.[1]

In July 1964, the USS Maddox, along with other United States Navy ships, arrived at the Gulf of Tonkin to create a distraction for Alekseï Gavrani to reach the northern side of Hòn Mê. Arriving at the headquarters, he saw Dhogura and other Assassins burning the base to the ground to destroy evidence. Part of the Unit had fled through the Ninh Bình region in northern Vietnam, using the river to move since Zenia, who was pregnant, was in no shape to walk. They were attacked by Gavrani who blew up one of the boats and ambushed Pash, Zenia, and Doni. After negotiation, they set camp in a cabin near the river at night. Julia Gorm attacked the group and killed Doni and Gavrani but was incapacitated in the fight with the latter, allowing Pash and Zenia to escape to the USS Maddox.[2]