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Dr. Victoria Bibeau (died 2018)[1] was a Canadian member of the Assassin Brotherhood.

A native of Quebec, Victoria was a part of the Templar Order, working as a psychiatrist and researcher for the Lineage Discovery and Acquisition division of Abstergo Industries at the Aerie. She was also an employee at Abstergo Entertainment, tasked with helping analysts that had difficulties coping with the Animus' after-effects, such as the Bleeding Effect.

In 2018, Victoria departed from the Templar Order and Abstergo following the Ascendance Event. She was later recruited by William Miles into the Assassin Brotherhood, joining Layla Hassan's team on a mission to locate an Isu artifact that led to the discovery of Atlantis.


Treating Fraser

In 2014, Bibeau was asked to do a psychiatric evaluation of Robert Fraser, an Abstergo analyst who was believed to be suffering from the Bleeding Effect while reliving the memories of Arno Dorian, an Assassin during the French Revolution. She concluded that Fraser could have difficulties maintaining a professional distance from his subject going forward and recommended any outside activity related to the analyst's assignment be curtailed.[2]

Aidan St. Claire, Fraser's supervisor, would subsequently make it so that Fraser could visit Bibeau whenever the project became too overwhelming. The two entered into a correspondence, with Fraser confessing that he had broken up with his girlfriend Anna, Arno's memories having caused him to fall in love with Élise de la Serre instead.[2]

Flashbacks of the Bastille plagued him on Bastille Day, with Fraser begging Bibeau to take him off the case. She believed they needed to continue their work regardless, but offered to supply him with medication that could help. Bibeau also recommended Fraser write whenever he felt the Bleeding Effect set in, in an effort to separate himself from Arno.[2]

In spite of this, the symptoms continued and Fraser even began to hallucinate; once this came to light, he was made to take a medical leave of absence. He subsequently spent a week in the recovery center with Bibeau, during which she instructed him to destroy all documentation on Arno's life and leak the unsequenced memories to the Assassins. Although Fraser succeeded in this task, he was caught and terminated shortly thereafter.[2]

However, Bibeau pleaded misguided ignorance and, thanks to her numerous friends in Abstergo who vouched for her, successfully convinced the Templars that she did what she did because she truly believed it was the right thing to do at the time. She was subsequently offered to join their cause and became a loyal member of the Templar Order.[3]

Looking for the Trident

Following her induction into the Order, Bibeau was appointed as a senior researcher for the Lineage Discovery and Acquisition division at The Aerie.

In 2016, Bibeau welcomed a group of four teenagers to The Aerie after they were captured by a Templar strike team while using a stolen Animus. With the help of her superior, Isaiah, Bibeau tried to ease the captives' worries in the hopes that they would reveal what they had discovered about the Trident of Eden.[4]

Deciding honesty was the best policy, the two Templars told the teenagers about their Order, stressing the benevolence of their organization. They then told them that because of their ancestry, Sean, Grace, David, and Natalya were now a crucial part of their efforts to find the Piece of Eden. Bibeau also revealed to them that Monroe, their missing leader, was one of her former patients, whom she had forbidden from reliving the memories of his father to work through the numerous abuses he endured during his childhood.[4]

In this way, they managed to convince Sean and Grace, who revealed the location of the "faith prong", a segment of the Trident owned by Ulysses S. Grant until his death. At the same time, an informant in Abstergo called "Rothenburg", who had been inactive for some time, contacted the Assassins that had rescued the other two teenagers, Owen and Javier. However, Monroe got to Grant's former home first and left with the artifact before either the Assassins or Templars could claim it.[4]

Later, Bibeau told Natalya, who was wary of the Templars, that they had contacted their parents to let them know they were safe and that Abstergo would offer a generous compensation for their help. She also told the teenagers that the second part of the Trident was somewhere in China.[4]

Assisting Hathaway

Around October and under the direct orders of Alan Rikkin, Bibeau traveled to London to assist Simon Hathaway in his work on the Sword of Eden. Their first meeting was in one of Abstergo's restaurants Tempest in the Teapot, where they discussed the Bleeding Effect. To Hathaway's initial annoyance, he had to introduce and retell her the summarized history of Joan of Arc and her involvement in the Hundred Years' War since it would be crucial in their hunt for Piece of Eden 25.[3]

During their ride to the Historical Research division, the pair encountered Hathaway's former love interest, Anaya Chodary. She quickly noticed the rift between them, which she later commented on when Chodary was out of earshot. It was also Bibeau who discovered the reason for Hathaway's first desynchronization while reliving the memories of his ancestor Gabriel Laxart after analyzing the chemicals released by his brains: teenage attraction.[3]

While there, she stayed in touch with Isaiah, helping him to manage the teenagers at the Aerie.[4]

Search for the second prong

With her work with Hathaway complete, Bibeau returned to the Aerie to assist the four teenagers search for the remaining two prongs of the Trident of Eden. However, without Monroe's Animus core to narrow down which of their ancestors came into contact with the prongs, Bibeau and Isaiah resorted to sending the teens to different ancestors. Bibeau personally assisted Natalya in reliving the memories of her Mongolian ancestor Bayan.[5]

During this time, Bibeau became concerned over Isaiah's gradual manipulations of Sean, having promised that his time in the Animus would help create a prosthetic for him to walk again.[5]

Bibeau later learned that David had been caught wandering the halls of the Aerie after hours. Though he claimed to have been sleepwalking, Bibeau checked the security footage and learned that David had wandered into the garage. She and Isaiah confronted the teens and told them that they were to be confined to their quarters after hours.[5]

Bibeau was absent during the Assassin raid on the Aerie, during which David and Natalya escaped, but Isaiah captured Owen, as well as Monroe, who had staged his own rescue attempt. Isaiah managed to turn Owen against the Assassins by claiming that they set up his late father for the robbery that sent him to prison, using the DNA sample Owen had on him to access Helix.[5]

Later, Bibeau met Owen, Grace and Sean in the lounge, where she tried to encourage them to return to the Animus. Owen refused to budge until he could talk to Monroe, whom Isaiah promised he could speak to, to which Bibeau claimed no knowledge of such a deal. When asked where Isaiah was, she declined to answer, but Owen and Grace deduced Isaiah was headed to China or Mongolia, the former mentioning he saw the second prong in the Animus, which got Bibeau's interest, but was disappointed to hear that Owen's DNA was a dead end. After telling Owen to wait until Isaiah returned, Bibeau told Sean to continue synchronizing with his Viking ancestor, Styrbjörn the Strong.[5]

Bibeau later learned that Owen and Grace had escaped the Aerie with Monroe and followed them to Mongolia. Upon her arrival at the Templar encampment, she found it deserted, save for all five teenagers, including Monroe. Upon learning that Isaiah had retrieved the second prong and had taken his entire taskforce away, Bibeau revealed that Isaiah had sent her a manifesto, stating his defection from the Order and that he was the one who stole the first prong from Mount McGregor. Bibeau then identified Javier when he stated that Isaiah was close to completing the Trident, and deduced that the Assassins had passed by. But when Grace stated otherwise, Bibeau's guards raised their weapons. Thankfully, when Natalya reasoned that both Assassins and Templars needed to work together against Isaiah, Bibeau ordered her guards to stand down before calling out to the Assassins, asking for a truce under Isaiah is stopped. The Assassin Griffin emerged from a tent and agreed to her terms.[5]

Ending Isaiah

Thanks to her temporary alliance with the Assassins and thanks to the help of the teenagers, Victoria successfully stopped Isaiah's madness.[6]

Joining the Assassins

ACOD Victoria Layla Spear of Leonidas

Victoria and Layla with the Spear of Leonidas

After the Ascendance Event, Victoria left Abstergo. At some point between 2017 and 2018, she was recruited by William Miles, who was unaware of her former Templar alligiences. William attached her to became part of Layla Hassan's team in searching for the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus. When Layla found the Lost Book of Herodotos along with a Spear of Eden, Victoria accompanied her to their hideout in London, England. There, Victoria supervised Layla's Health as she relieved the memories of Kassandra, the granddaughter of King Leonidas I of Sparta.[7]

ACOD Victoria knocked out by Staff

Victoria killed with the Staff by Layla

Following Layla's gaining access to Atlantis, Victoria accompanied her to the throne room, where she was placed in charge of monitoring her friend's vital signs. Over the course of Layla's sessions in the Animus, Victoria grew increasingly concerned over the Staff taking hold of and influencing Layla's mindset. After Layla's session of Kassandra in Hades, Victoria had to manually remove her from the session for her own good. Layla, while under the Staff's influence, knocked away Victoria, killing her. This left a horrified Layla to reel from her actions and Alethia to question choosing Layla at all. Before leaving to reflect on her mistakes, Layla requested Aletheia to look after Victoria until she returned.[8]


After her death, Layla felt extremely remorseful of her actions. She later uses Victoria's earpiece to regain contact with the Altaïr II.[1]


  • Bibeau is not a native English speaker, having a slight French accent.
  • Despite the fact that the two books covered the same period, Bibeau was shown wearing a wedding ring in Assassin's Creed: Last Descendants – Locus, while in Assassin's Creed: Heresy, she confirmed to Hathaway what was stated in her file, that she had neither a spouse or a family.
  • In Odyssey, Victoria is listed to be from Quebec, Canada.




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