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Victor confronting Arno

Victor was a French blacksmith who lived in Versailles during the late 18th century.


In 1789, Victor won over Arno Dorian in a game of pharaoh, winning his prized pocket watch. Arno later broke into Victor's house and stole the watch back. The blacksmith soon discovered him, and managed to trip Arno on his way out, allowing Victor's brother Hugo to take the watch. As Arno chased after Hugo, Victor attempted to tackle the thief, but Arno was able to take the watch back and escape to his stepfather's house. The brothers soon caught up with him, insisting that François de la Serre's majordomo Olivier report Arno to the marshalcy. François himself intervened however, and the brothers left with nothing.[1]

Later that day, Victor and Hugo infiltrated the Estates-General, intending to take the watch back. After a duel with Arno, the two were wounded, and Arno escaped the guards who had discovered the fight.[2]

In 1793, during the Reign of Terror, Victor and Hugo were accused of being enemies of the state, and sentenced to death by guillotining. Luckily for the two, Arno had arrived to kill the man in charge of the execution, Aloys la Touche. As Arno joined them, Victor expressed surprise at the fact that he didn't want them dead. He reminded the brothers that they hadn't committed any proper capital offenses, telling them to let him go first. As Arno neared the guillotine, he assassinated la Touche, disrupting the execution and saving the lives of Victor and Hugo.[3]


  • The names of Victor and Hugo are a reference to the French poet and novelist Victor Hugo.




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