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"Audacity. MORE Audacity, he said... As if a revolution weren't audacity enough!"
―the Vicomte de Gambais to his guard about Georges Danton, 1792[src]

The Vicomte de Gambais (died 2 September 1792) was a French aristocrat, who, as a royalist, acted as a spy for the Austrian monarchy during the French Revolution. He was a lieutenant of the Comte de Gambais, the leader of this covert operation, but both were assassinated by the Assassins after they were tipped off by the radical revolutionary Georges Danton.


During the French Revolution, the royalist Vicomte de Gambais acted as the right-hand man of the Comte de Gambais in their espionage against the fledgeling French Republic. Their agents fed intelligence to the Austrian forces in the hopes that they would defeat the revolutionary forces and restore the French monarchy.[1]

On 2 September 1792, the Vicomte attended a session of the National Assembly where the radical Georges Danton, in one of his fiery speeches, gave one of his most famous lines in which he called for "more audacity" to defend France against foreign invaders. Unbeknownst to the Vicomte, one of his agents was caught by Danton himself after the meeting. The agent managed to turn this trap around with reinforcements from a large group of conspirators which had managed to infiltrate Paris, but their plot to murder Danton was foiled by a group of Assassins led by Arno Dorian.[1]

In the immediate aftermath, Danton wasted no time in redirecting the Assassins to the Gambais residence for a counter-attack. The Vicomte and Comte de Gambais were both assassinated at their home that very night, ensuring that France would not be conquered by foreign troops.[1]

Personality and characteristics

As a noble, the Vicomte de Gambais was a steadfast royalist who was outraged by the French Revolution. He especially railed at the fervour of Georges Danton, for while the revolutionary pushed for greater radicalization, the Vicomte found the very concept of a revolution to already be too extreme. Because of his sentiments, he did not mind conspiring with the foreign army of Austria against his own nation, regarding the republicans as the true enemies.[1]



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