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Vicious Verses was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


André Chénier asked Arno to recover his satirical verses.


  • Chénier: You there! Are you the muse to answer my call? The pleading of a poet with the honor of France in my heart! Say the name Jacques-Louis David and see if you don't gag on the sound. Well, I have written a series of poems satirizing the life of that most despicable propagandist. Sadly, the final verses are under lock and key in my abode. If you could retrieve them, the people of France would learn the truth about David and his confabulations! And my legacy would be assured! Go!

Arno infiltrated Chénier's house.

  • Guard 1: What sort of damage can a poet do? "Reprends ta robe d'or..."! I'm not seeing it.
  • Guard 2: Ah, it's a matter of pride, mostly. The Revolution's not a thing for humor.
  • Guard 1: So say you. I been laughing my arse off. It's the only way to keep your head on.
  • Guard 3: I never understood poems, myself. What's in these we should worry about?
  • Guard 4: Colorful metaphors, trenchant hyperbole, that sort of thing. All the sort of rubbish the overeducated adore.
  • Guard 3: We're looking to kill a man over a few metaphors?
  • Guard 4: As good as any other given reason these days.
  • Guard 3: (True, that's true.)

Arno recovered the verses and returned to Chénier.

  • Chénier: Oh, my verse! Bravo, (my friend), bravo! Now all of France may hear the conclusion of "Le Jeu de Paume" and see the true hues that color Jacques-Louis David! Ah, they'll lose their heads with laughter, I guarantee.


Arno recovered the final verses of Chénier's poem.


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