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"A man at sea may have gold and glory. But he is always a slave to the churning tides."
―Vicelin, 873.[src]-[m]

Vicelin (died 873), also known as The Compass, was a Frankish sailor and a member of the Order of the Ancients. Holding the title of Palatinus, Vicelin was part of the Wardens of War sect of the Order during the 9th century.


Early life

Originally a loyal sailor in the Frankish navy, Vicelin was approached by the Order of the Ancients, who promised an offer of power and stabliliy that the Franks could not offer. Vicelin accepted the offer and eventually rose to lead the Warden of War sect in Anglo-Saxon England during the 9th century.[1]

Invasion of Lunden and death

"Lunden is only a beginning. My order reaches further than your tiny boats can take you."
―Vicelin's last moments, 873.[src]-[m]

In the 870s, Vicelin and fellow sect members, Avgos Spearhand and Frideswid, known by their cryptonyms of the Arrow and the Leech respectively, concoct a plan to help the Order take Lunden, which was governed by Tryggr, a loyal follower of Ubba Ragnarsson. Vicelin, making use of Avgos' reputation as an archer and as a close confidant of Tryggr, tasked him to recruit and install archers in the western market in preparation for the invasion. Meanwhile, Frideswid, who served as a nun in the city's forum, was tasked to purchase and round up slaves in order to be disected and disposed at the city docks, spreading fear amongst the population.[1] In time, the sect's plan was discovered by Tryggr, who was given a letter detailing their activities by a mysterious individual known as a Poor Fellow-Soldier of Christ. To prevent him from foiling his plan, Vicelin and the two members confronted the governor in his villa, killing his guards and cutting off his head.[2]

Nevertheless, the sect's plan were thwarted by the combined efforts of the Viking Eivor and Tryggr's loyal reeves, Stowe and Erke, who eliminated both Avgos[3] and Frideswid.[4] Vicelin thus launched an assault on the city from the Thames, intending to burn it to the ground. However, he was defeated and killed by Eivor.[5]


  • Vicelin shares similarities with the character Sibrand from the 2007 video game Assassin's Creed. Both have a ship as their headquarters in the port of their cities. They are also protected by their guards that surround the ports.




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