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Versailles is a small city just outside of Paris, France and was made up of the Recollets and Saint-Louis sub-districts. By virtue of the fact that it housed the royal residence, the Palace of Versailles, the city served as the de facto capital of the nation from 1682 until the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789.[1]

During the 18th century, it was the childhood home of Arno Dorian, the son of Assassin Charles Dorian, who was taken in by the Templar Grand Master François de la Serre,[1] following Charles' assassination by the Templar Shay Cormac.[2]

By 1793, the Reign of Terror had plunged the former capital into a state of misery, destitution, and chaos. Crime and vandalism had become rampant, and its population had been reduced to a mere fraction of what it once was, with many either fleeing the city altogether or dying at the hands of Aloys La Touche. The Palace had become a popular target for looters as well.




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