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This article is about the memory of a Spanish Assassin. You may be looking for the memory of Shao Jun.

Vengeance was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


Garza managed to slip through our grasp, and now we must walk a dangerous line. We move with Najma to raid the Alhambra, the great fortress of the Nasrid Sultans.

Garza and Ubayd are no doubt expecting us, but we are out of options.

Now that Ubayd knows he is being hunted not just by her, but by the Spanish Brotherhood, it will not be long before he disappears. We will move to infiltrate the Alhambra and kill Ubayd before he can escape.


The Assassins met on the ramparts of the Alhambra.

  • Spanish Assassin: The guard seems to have been doubled since we were here. This will not be easy.
  • Najma: Hmm. I used to climb these verandas as a child. And my father would take me on walks through the Generalife...
  • Spanish Assassin: You grew up here?
  • Najma: Yes. That was... another life. Now, I will stalk these halls as I once walked them. Remember, Ubayd is MINE.

The Assassins made their way through the Alhambra and soon reached a ledge from where they could see Ubayd and Garza meeting in the Court of the Lions.

  • Ubayd: You lost the Assassins' sympathizers? So all the pain we have inflicted on Granada has been pointless?
  • Garza: Careful, Ubayd, I do not answer to you.
  • Ubayd: I was told my actions would save the people of Granada. That I would avert chaos.
  • Garza: And so we impose order. Our order.
  • Ubayd: You lied to me! I can still feel my father's blood on my hands, even now! You Templars are no different from the Assassins!

Suddenly, Garza drew his knife and violently stabbed Ubayd in the gut three times.

  • Ubayd: hrk!
  • Garza: I told them you were a wild dog. I twas only a matter of time before you would need to be put down.
  • Ubayd: You... gaatak niila! (Go to Hell!)
  • Garza: Sit. Stay. Good boy.

Garza fled the garden, leaving Ubayd to bleed to death. As the Spanish Assassins descended from the ledge and entered the garden, Najma emerged from behind the Lion Fountain.

  • Najma: He has to be here some– wait... Ubayd?!
  • Ubayd: I am afraid someone killed me before you could.
  • Najma: There's still time for me to kill you. You're still breathing.
  • Ubayd: As you will, then.
  • Najma: That's all you have to say? You sold your people.
  • Ubayd: No... I saved them! ...No. I was a fool to trust the Templars. But you can still set it right.
  • Najma: What would I do anything for you?
  • Ubayd: Not for me! For... Granada.

Ubayd collapsed dead on the stone tiles as the Spanish Assassins approached Najma.

  • Spanish Assassin: It is done. I'm sorry, Najma.
  • Najma: It is not done. My brother... he deserved a better death, even after all he had done. Garza stole my retribution. It rests on his head now.
  • Spanish Assassin: Ubayd's wound is fresh, the Templar could not have gone far.
  • Najma: Then we must give chase. Garza will die before dawn touches the walls of Granada.

The Assassins ran off in pursuit of Garza before he could leave the city.


The Assassins witnessed Garza meet Ubayd, but were unable to prevent Garza's escape after abruptly stabbing his informant. Dying, Ubayd requested that the Assassins save Granada, and they rushed to eliminate Garza.


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