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Vengeance was a virtual representation of one of Shao Jun's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Helix Navigator.


Having caught up with Zhang Yong, Shao Jun was ready to eliminate the last of the Eight Tigers and take her revenge.


  • Zhang: Your actions here have only delayed the inevitable. Slowing these savages will have only angered them. They will see this as a betrayal and launch a full scale assault.
  • Jun: They will not reach my land. The Wall will hold them back.
  • Zhang: Your land? You think your successes matter? China is just a piece of the prize. We will rule the world, and the box you so kindly presented us, will be yet another tool to achieve a time of peace.
  • Jun: Peace? You think you're a hero, now? I don't want your world, your control. Give me the box and your death will be fast.
  • Zhang: Your box is lost, Assassin, already out of China, in the safe hands of my fellow Templars.
  • Jun: Then another Assassin will find the box. That will be their destiny. Mine lies here with you.

As the Mongolian assault began, Zhang Yong ran, forcing Shao Jun to chase after him.

  • Jun: This is the end, Zhang Yong, there is nowhere to run to...
  • Guard 1: Somebody put that fire out!
  • Guard 2: Keep the Mongolians occupied, they believe they've been betrayed.
  • Guard 3: The Mongolians are destroying the wall, repel them at all costs.
  • Guard 4: Stay vigilant, we must keep our eyes open.
  • Guard 5: Agreed. We can't let anyone through.

Shao Jun eliminated those guarding Zhang Yong with a barrage of cannon fire.

  • Jun: Here I come, Zhang Yong.

Shao Jun finally caught up to Zhang Yong and struck him down.

  • Zhang: How does it feel, Assassin? Is it as you'd hoped?
  • Jun: Do not flatter yourself, Zhang Yong. You had to die for China to have hope again. I started this journey for vengeance, but I've understood now, that it's pointless. I have found a better goal to pursue.
  • Zhang: And what is that?
  • Jun: The future. A new tomorrow for China and its people. I will undo all that you have done. I will rebuild the Brotherhood and recruit those who wish to make our land a place of freedom, those ready to die to fight men like you. Your Templar world will not happen. The Assassins will rise again.

Thirty-five years later, Shao Jun was approached by one of her Assassins at the Great Wall.

  • Assassin: Mentor. The Emperor is dead.
  • Jun: The elixir of life?
  • Assassin: Yes. It killed him, as you had planned.
  • Jun: His son will follow in his footsteps. The Wall will protect the people now. And so shall we.
  • Assassin: Mentor, last time we talked, you were telling me about Master Auditore's Precursor box.
  • Jun: Ah. Ezio's great gift to me... Yes... I never discovered what the box could do, yet the artifact - and my obsession with it - taught me a great lesson. Perhaps the greatest of lessons.
  • Assassin: What was that, Mentor?
  • Jun: She who seeks revenge should remember to dig two graves.


Shao Jun assassinated Zhang Yong and planned to rebuild the Chinese Brotherhood. Years later, she became its Mentor, and ordered the assassination of the Jiajing Emperor.



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