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The Venetian Staff of Eden was a Staff of Eden, a piece of leftover Isu technology.


In 1509, the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins in Venice overheard a conversation between the mercenary Niccolò di Pitigliano and one of his messengers about the Templars being about to locate an "artifact of utmost importance". Ezio Auditore requested the Assassins to intercept and eliminate the messenger, who was carrying a note confirming that the Templars had located a Staff of Eden, an artifact known for its power of control over humans. The Assassins managed to find only one clue, a doctor in the San Polo District with information about the Staff.[1]

The Assassins tracked down the doctor, and after some coaxing, he informed them that the Staff of Eden might be hidden near the statue of the Lion of Venice in the Piazza San Marco.[1] They managed to recover it before the Templars,[2] who launched a forceful attack in retaliation on their headquarters using an elite unit dispatched from Rome, the mounted guard. The Assassins defended both their headquarters and the Staff.[3]

A powerful and former enemy of the Brotherhood was specially appointed to take the Staff, which they attempted to do while disguised as Pestilence, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Though their identity remained a mystery to the Assassins that defended the Staff, they did manage to uncover information tying their enemy to the Crows,[4] a group of Templars they thought had been eliminated three years earlier by Lo Sparviero and Niccolò Machiavelli.[5] With the Venetian Assassins being hunted by all the city guards and the Templars on their trail, they decided to infiltrate an abandoned palace and meet with Ezio in order to entrust him with the Staff.[6] Ezio was able to retrieve the Staff and put it in a safe place for the time being.[7]

After the victory over the Templars in Venice, Ezio sent four Assassins, Alif, Beatrice, Clara, and Domenico, to Rome to secure the Staff once and for all inside the Colosseum Vault and help his sister Claudia prepare for his succession while he made arrangements to journey to Masyaf in search of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's lost library.[8]

A Follower of Romulus, posing as Leonardo da Vinci, led the Assassins to an ambush, though they managed to survive it.[9] Their investigation revealed that the traitor made a pact with the Papal Guard in the ruins near the Colosseum, where Ezio said that the secret entrance to the Temple that would house the Staff was.[10] After learning of the alliance between the Followers of Romulus and the Templars, the Assassins found the entrance to the Temple had been sealed, though they managed to locate an encrypted message that indicated another entrance. They carried out a reconnaissance mission along with Ezio and discovered the secret entrance was protected by a complex and very strange mechanism.[11]

When escorting Ezio to the entrance, they entered another ambush masterminded by Lucrezia Borgia,[12] who sought revenge for Ezio leaving her bound with a curtain tie three years earlier in Delizia di Belriguardo when he was looking for da Vinci's missing painting Annunciation,[13] but the Assassins thwarted the attack by incapacitating her and using the distraction to flee the scene.[12] Reaching the entrance, the Assassins helped Ezio activate the two parts of the mechanism to allow him to access the Temple. Ezio then placed the Staff in a safe location inside it, while his group prevented the Followers of Romulus from locating the Temple's entrance. The mission was a success, with the Assassins claiming the Staff of Eden was safe where the Templars would never be able to reach it.[14]

Around 2020, Abstergo Industries' facility in Tokyo, Japan was carrying out research on transplanting Isu technology into humans,[15] with the goal of creating advanced technologies and forcibly augmenting human subjects into super soldiers.[16] For this, they used DNA data to study the powers of the Venetian Staff of Eden and were on the verge of locating it when an Assassin team intervened and destroyed both the DNA samples and all Abstergo's files on the Staff.[17]



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