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ACOD Veneta Blue Flag

The flag of the team

The Veneta Blue was one of the six groups of chariot racing teams who competed in the Lageion Hippodrome in Egypt during the reign of the Ptolemy XIII.


In the 1st century BCE, the team rose to prominence as the main rival of the Prasina Green, whose lead racer Icarus had won them much of the racers held throughout the years. It was claimed by Claridas, an old rival of the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, that in order for him join the Veneta Blue, he had to drop his rbirthname of Sennefer, claiming that he needed a Greek name to race with Greeks.[1]

In 48 BCE, Icarus died, which led most of Kanopos' population to mourn for the deceased racer. The Veneta Blue, however, constantly harassed the Prasina Green or their supporters afterwards, whether by assaulting members[1], or by stealing busts [2], or even by hiring bandits to steal horses.[3].

In addition, at least some members of the Veneta Blue also participated in a race rigging scam, as mentioned in a note found at a Veneta Blue hideout.[2]



  • The banner of the Veneta Blue features an Egyptian horse in full finery, based on an illustration by the Italian Egyptologist Ippolito Rosellini.
  • The word 'veneta' may refer to Veneto, a northern region of Italy, whose capital is the city of Venice. However, it may also be derived from the Latin adjective venetus, meaning 'blue, blue-green, sea-blue'.



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