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Vendredi (died 21 November 1751) was a Maroon and a member of the Saint-Dominigue Brotherhood of Assassins under the leadership of Mentor François Mackandal. In 1751, he was tasked with exploring a First Civilization Temple in Haiti.

On 21 November of that year, he entered the cavern and unwittingly triggered a defense mechanism which caused an earthquake, destroying Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas. As he came running out of the crevice, his legs were crushed under falling debris. The Master Templar Lawrence Washington, who had followed the Assassin to the cave, offered to free him in exchange for Mackandal's location. Vendredi agreed, but Washington instead slit the Assassin's throat, ending his life.


  • Vendredi is French for Friday, derived from Latin diēs Veneris, meaning 'day of Venus'.


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