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"Venator, more than just one of Septimius' dogs. You have your own puppets within the Order."
Bayek describing Venator.[src]

Venator (died 48 BCE) was a Gabiniani who conspired with Lucius Septimius, a fellow Gabiniani and a member of the Order of the Ancients, to assassinate Cleopatra in Herakleion, Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.

His attempt was eventually thwarted by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa and his wife Aya of Alexandria.


Plotting an Assassination

"Death to Cleo! We are the Gabinianis and Egypt is ours!"
―Venator while fighting Bayek, 48 BCE.[src]-[m]

In 48 BCE, after learning the pharaoh Cleopatra would be staying in the city of Herakleion, Venator was approached by a fellow Gabiniani Lucius Septimius to assassinate the pharaoh. Collaborating with an informant of the Order, Livius, Venator rented a room in the brothel where he made his preparations to ensure Cleopatra would not escape alive. Venator had one of his men posing as a woman to infiltrate the palace as a lute player. Some of his men would pose as wine merchants, arriving at the docks and set a fire to cause a panic. Venator also placed his men in a watchtower near the palace to eliminate Cleopatra during the confusion.[1]

Duel with Bayek and Death

"You futuo. You think you can change any of our plans?"
―Venator while fighting Bayek, 48 BCE.[src]-[m]

However, Venator's plan was later discovered by Cleopatra's followers, who had captured Livius and tortured him for information. Bayek later thwarted Venator's plan by eliminating his followers. In a last ditch effort to assassinate the pharaoh, Venator led his men into the palace through the docks, clashing with Bayek. Despite his efforts however, Venator was eventually cut down by the Medjay.[1]

Personality and characteristics

"Did you stop by the brothel to see my handiwork?"
―Venator to Bayek, 48 BCE.[src]-[m]

Venator took pride in being a Gabiniani as well as member of the Order of the Ancients. Based on the story of the twins of the brothel, it is most likely that Venator was a sadistic individual who enjoyed harming others and charging into battle. Despite his warrior like person, Venator was an expert strategist, as Lucius Septimius trusted him with carrying out a very important assassination.[1]

Venator even plotted the assassination with careful precision, through the use of disguises, long range archers and creating distractions for the palace guards. Venator even set up a backup plan should this one fail, as his men charged at Cleopatra from the docks. He was also an arrogant but capable warrior, as not only was he deeply confident in the Order's success, but he fought Bayek on an equal footing, though eventually losing to the Medjay.[1]


  • Venator is a Latin word meaning 'hunter'. Venator was also a type of gladiator.




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