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Vemork was a hydroelectric power plant located outside Rjukan, Norway. During World War II, it was used by Nazi Germany to produce and store heavy water. The Nazis also fueled rumours about the plant's heavy water production being part of a fictional nuclear weapon project. In reality, it was used to house Die Glocke, a time-travelling device, spearheaded by Templar Obbergruppenführer Gero Kramer.

On 27 February 1943, the Assassin Eddie Gorm infiltrated the facility to stop Kramer's project and eliminate him. Kramer, having been subjected to the Nazis' übermensch project, was able to easily overpower Gorm and placed him within Die Glocke as a test subject. Kramer ordered Nikola Tesla to activate the device, though the scientist had secretly sabotaged it.

When the Allies simultaneously infiltrated the facility and destroyed the heavy water storages, Die Glocke was rendered inert and the Nazis were forced to abandon their plans.


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