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Vaucouleurs is a commune in the Meuse department of France.


For several months between 1428 and 1429, Jeanne d'Arc tried to see Lord Robert de Baudricourt, captain of the royal garrison at Vaucouleurs, for permission to travel to Chinon where the Dauphin was staying. After the lord's repeated refusal to admit her, Jeanne broke down outside the hall of de Baudricourt. Her step-cousin, Gabriel Laxart who had accompanied her, comforted her. Soon after, in the residence of Catherine and Henri Royer, friends of her mother's, she lamented. It was there that de Baudricourt's squire, Jean de Metz found her. Initially arguing against her, after Jeanne delivered a rousing speech he promised to take her before his lord and also pledged his loyalty to her.[1]

On 22 February, after getting her permission to travel to Chinon and disguising herself as a man for her own safety, Jeanne and her entourage departed Vaucouleurs. de Metz, Gabriel, and other squire Bertrand de Poulengy accompanied her.[2]


Vaucouleurs to Chinon was noted to be a twelve day trip.[1]



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