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[[Category:Individuals who held Pieces of Eden]]
[[Category:Individuals who held Pieces of Eden]]
[[Category:Individuals with Eagle Vision]]
[[Category:Individuals with Eagle Vision]]
[[Category:New Yorkers]]

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Varius was an American Assassin active in New York City during the American Civil War. Like his father before him, Varius was the only Assassin operating in the city, the Mentor having decided that a lone undercover agent was the more efficient way to thwart the Templar Order's plans.

In 1863, as tensions were on the rise, Varius was instructed to steal a Dagger of Eden hidden in the Aztec Club and deliver it to General Ulysses S. Grant. At first, Varius succesfully recovered the Piece of Eden, but was later hunted by Cudgel Cormac, who seriously injured him and nearly got hold of the artifact. However, thanks to Varius' new recruit, the gifted Eliza, the dagger managed to reach General Grant.



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