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Vanishing Slaves was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Having journeyed to San Danje, Aveline went to consult the houngan about the disappearing slaves.


Aveline met with the houngan outside his cottage.

  • Houngan: Aveline, what troubles you?
  • Aveline: I'm investigating new reports of disappearances. Are you missing anyone?
  • Houngan: It does seem that way. But so many rest here before moving on, it is not always apparent where or why a man has gone. Your friend, Élise, hires many people to work. She may know better.
  • Aveline: Perhaps...
  • Houngan: I feel a great change coming. You will face powerful foes. Please, take this – a new poison I have been testing. It makes the victim momentarily hysterical...
  • Aveline: Thank you, venerable one.

Aveline set out to find Élise.

  • Élise: Aveline, old girl! Where you been? The swamp's not the same without you. The gators are getting uppity!
  • Aveline: Oh, you know... business demands and piano recitals... How I've missed the Bayou air. It has the scent of action about it!
  • Élise: Among other things... Listen, I'm glad you're here. The other day, I saw something, and I said to myself, Élise, old girl, there's something not right... Convoys, loaded with the strangest cargo: People. Dozens of them.
  • Aveline: Where were they headed?
  • Élise: I can't say. But I know where they came from: the Fort.
  • Aveline: Will you show me the place?
  • Élise: Thought you'd never ask! Meet me tomorrow. I'll mark your map.

Aveline met with Élise the next day.

  • Élise: A carriage just passed. We can catch it at the bend. I'll race you!

They then reached a heavily guarded convoy, and eliminated all the guards.

Vanishing Slaves 4

Aveline and Élise speaking with Chrisfait

  • Élise: I recognize these people! Some of them have worked for me. Chrisfait! A word?
  • Chrisfait: Élise! What are you doing here?
  • Élise: What does it look like? Rescuing you.
  • Chrisfait: From what? Employment? Freedom?
  • Élise: Er... Chrisfait, these chains don't exactly say "freedom" to me.
  • Chrisfait: Temporary discomfort. Too many workers escaped the last voyage without paying their fare. We'll be released once we reach the work site.
  • Élise: These terms don't concern you?
  • Chrisfait: Élise, everything in this life concerns me. But I can survive a little longer, 'till we get south to freedom.
  • Aveline: I don't trust this. Chrisfait, I promise we'll get to the bottom of this.
  • Chrisfait: But–
  • Élise: We should investigate the fort while the time is ripe. With all the soldiers in town, there can't be many left.
  • Chrisfait: Élise–
  • Aveline: I like your thinking.
  • Élise: Good. I'll scout ahead. Find me at the bridge. And Chrisfait... Keep out of trouble.
  • Aveline: While we go stir some.
  • Chrisfait: Right... Thanks.


Aveline and Élise intercepted the convoy and freed the slaves, but discovered little information about the slaves' destination. They then made plans to infiltrate the fort.



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